Windows 11/10 not saving captured Screenshots in Pictures folder

In this tutorial, learn how to fix screenshots not saving in Pictures folder in Windows 11/10.

Until Windows 7, we had to rely on third-party apps to take screenshots of the current window or screen, but that is no longer the case with Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 8. Simply press the Windows Key + PrintScreen or Windows Key + Fn + PrintScreen key combination on the keyboard to record the entire screen at once. Your laptop will dim while you’re taking screenshots, and you’ll locate the screenshot in the Screenshots folder under the Pictures library.

However, if you use the above-mentioned keyboard combinations, Windows will take a screenshot, but it will not be preserved. Of course, this will disappoint you, but if it’s really crucial, simply open Paint (Windows’ native image editor) and hit Ctrl + V (paste), and you’ll see the taken screenshot inside Paint in editing mode, which you can save as an image in your selected format. Anyway, let’s get back to the problem at hand and figure out how to get Windows to save screenshots directly to the Pictures library.

How To Fix Windows 10 Screenshots Are Not Being Saved In Pictures Folder

If screenshots aren’t being saved in the Pictures – Screenshots folder on Windows 11/10, try the following:

  1. To open the Run prompt, press Win+R.
  2. Type regedit into the search box, hit Enter, and then select Yes.
  3. In HKCU, go to Explorer.
  4. Right-click it and select  New > DWORD (32-bit) Value from the context menu.
  5. ScreenshotIndex is a name for it.
  6. Select the Decimal option by double-clicking on it.
  7. As the Value data, type 695.
  8. Then press the OK button.
  9. Navigate to the User Shell Folders folder.
  10. Double-click on {B7BEDE81-DF94-4682-A7D8-57A52620B86F}.
  11. Enter this: %USERPROFILE%\Pictures\Screenshots
  12. Select the OK button.

Continue reading to discover more about these steps.

1. Create a system restore point first, then launch the Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R, typing put Regedt32.exe in the Run dialog box, and pressing Enter.

2. Go to the following web address:



3. Look for the ScreenshotIndex called DWORD (REG_DWORD) in the right pane of this place.

You’ll notice that this DWORD is missing if you’re having trouble saving screenshots.

Right-click -> New -> DWORD Value to produce the same. To change the Value data of the same DWORD, double-click it.


4. In the above-mentioned box, first select the Decimal base, then enter 695 as the Value data. Click the OK button.

Check out the User Shell Folders entry in Registry Editor to find this registry DWORD for correcting user profile settings. As a result, go to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

5. In the right pane of this location, click on the expandable string (REG_EXPAND_SZ) {B7BEDE81-DF94-4682-A7D8-57A52620B86F}. Ascertain that it refers to the following Value data:


You can close the Registry Editor and reboot after you’ve confirmed the Value data. Try taking screenshots now; you’ll notice that they’ve been saved where they should be, indicating that the problem has been rectified.

Why my screenshot is not saving?

There could be a variety of reasons why your computer does not save your screenshots when you press Win+PrintScreen. One of the causes could be incorrect Value data in the Registry file. To do so, open the ScheenshotIndex REG DWORD value and type 695 into it. You can also learn more about this by consulting the aforementioned guide.

How do I change where my screenshots are saved Windows 11/10?

You must alter the location of the Pictures Library folder to change the default location of where your screenshots are saved. It is possible to change the default save location for Pictures using Registry Editor. Your computer will save your screenshots in the new location once you change the default save location.

Why can’t I find my screenshots?

Changing the location of your default folder, Pictures, and a corrupted registry file are some of the reasons why you can’t find your screenshots on Windows 11/10. As previously indicated, if the registry file does not have the correct Value data, the troubles listed here may occur.

If you’ve any queries, check this video:

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If you wish to alter the location of the Print Screen folder in Windows, read this article.

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