How To Download & Install TC Games 3.0 on PC (Windows 10/8/7)

In this article, learn how to download and install TC Games on your Windows PC or laptop.

Let me explain first what is TC Games?

TC Games is an app that can mirror your Android screen onto your computer, allowing you to play Android games on PC with your keyboard and mouse. The app boasts extremely low CPU usage and stable performance, supporting all mobile games. It also has many other features, including screen recording and multi-use keymapping so you can take total control of your games.

Main Features of TC Games 3.0:

– Android phone projection
– USB/WiFi connection
– Control your phone with your mouse
– Official default keymapping download (for select games)
– Custom keymapping: set your own controls
– Type on your phone using keyboard
– Phone and PC sharing clipboard
– Screen record
– Screen capture
– Pause screen image transfer
– Ctrl+Alt+M locks the mouse in the screen
– Keymapping center
– Remove the TC Games watermark
– Save keymaps to the cloud
– Macro keys function
– Smartkey: smart and precise keys through search pictures
– PUBG Mobile: one-button multi-use, scroll to pick up equipment
– Add motion quality correction options in settings to optimize dynamic blurring
– Brightness/contrast/saturation/adjustment
– Projection high-precision coding, the best dynamic quality
– Set the mouse wheel up and down to keymapping
– Add mouse side keys to keymapping
– Scan QR code for a faster way to connect Android to PC through WiFi
– Save multiple local keymaps and cloud keymaps
– Shows mouse pointer on phone
– Power saving mode – Screen off control
– VIP distinguished logo

How To Download and Install TC Games 3.0 on PC (Windows 10/8/7)

1. First, visit this page to download TC Games for Windows 10/8/7.

2. Once the file is downloaded, go to the folder that contains the “TC_Games_Global_release_version.exe” file and double-click on the file to run the install process.

3. When the install window opens up, read the terms and conditions for TC Games. After that click NextInstall.

4. After the installation of TC Games is complete, click Finish.

Finally, the TC Games 3.0 will be ready to use.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to download and install TC Games 3.0 in Windows 10.

Hope something helps you.

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