How To Uninstall Chromium Browser From Your Windows Computer

Uninstall Chromium from Control Panel - Step 2

This article will show you how to remove and uninstall Chromium browser from your Windows PC.

Let me explain first What is Chromium? Chromium is an open source web browser created by Google, it can be downloaded by anyone, modified, and then compiled into a working web browser. However, many malware writers create modified versions of Chromium in order to display unwanted advertisements on your PC. If your PC suddenly has the Chromium browser installed and you did not install it manually, then you most likely have an unwanted version of Chromium installed on your PC. According to users, Chromium uses tracking cookies and collects valuable information about its users. Hence I highly recommended you should uninstall Chromium in order to prevent the harm it may cause to your system.

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