CompatTelRunner.exe – How To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

compattelrunner.exe microsoft compatibility telemetry

Some Windows users have reported of multiple CompatTelRunner.exe files showing up in the Task Manager consuming CPU and Disk Usage.

I found CompatTelRunner.exe (Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry) task running in the task manager on my computer. I can’t find any solutions to get rid of it: UAC setting change didn’t help or remove the file in System32 is impossible.

Let me explain first What is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry? The file Compatibility Telemetry is a Windows system file, rarely causes issues. The file CompatTelRunner.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. It lets Microsoft to make sure compatibility if you want to update to the Windows latest version. This process is part of a Windows Update, but it takes up storage bandwidth which makes your computer run slow, and you will most likely want to disable or remove it. In this tutorial, I will share you a few solutions how to disable or remove CompatTelRunner.exe.
compattelrunner.exe microsoft compatibility telemetry

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