Stellar Repair for Excel Software Review

Stellar Repair for Excel Review at a Glance.

The following are the main features of Stellar Repair for Excel:

  • This program recovers all of the information from your corrupted Excel files. It not only restores data, but also charts, tables, photos, formulae, filters, and comments in the cells.
  • It restores the properties you’ve set on your worksheets. Freeze panes, gridlines, cell splitting, and so on. The formatting of the cells is also preserved.
  • With this program, you can restore one or several faulty Excel files at once.
  • It works with all Excel versions, including 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Please visit this link if you want to try the software for free or purchase it.

Excel is without a doubt one of the most widely used programs on the planet. In the 1990s, there was a joke that if you got a PC, you’d receive the five most-used apps: Word, Excel, Word, Excel, and Outlook. All of the Microsoft Office products were used. Things have changed dramatically since then. However, Excel remains one of the most significant tools in finance, banking, office management, and small business management, among other fields.

Companies rely heavily on data saved in Excel and analyses performed in Excel. As a result, Excel and its data are critical for businesspeople.

My day begins with my own time tracker, which I use as an Excel blogger and small company owner. I was on the lookout for the greatest time management software. I did a lot of research on Google and tried each one out one by one. However, no app could meet my needs.

As a result, I created my own Excel time tracker. It meticulously records every minute I spend at work. Now I’m aware of how much time I’m wasting at work.

I’ve created a new worksheet to keep track of my stock portfolio. I simply push a button to see how much weight I’ve gained or lost today.

Excel allows you to do practically anything. Microsoft claims that 1.2 billion people use its Office App and 750 million users use Excel around the world.

Excel files are used by many businesses to store a large amount of data. For firms, this data are critical. If the Excel files become corrupted or become uncontrollable by the users, the firm may suffer a significant loss.

Today, I’m going to show you Stellar Repair for Excel, a piece of software that can save your bacon if your Excel files refuse to cooperate.

There is a lot of software available online (and most of it is free), but this one is unique and can do a lot for you.

I was not aware of this fantastic and simple-to-use app. Priyanka, a senior business executive at Stellar Info (which specializes in data recovery software), emailed me and offered to let me test this program.

I had some corrupted files that I couldn’t rescue despite trying most of the ways available. Stellar Repair of Excel was able to recover not only the file’s data but also its formatting. This software’s specialty is in this area.

How will you use the program to get the best out of it?

Step 1

This program can handle numerous corrupted Excel files at once and recover each one individually. Even this tool can search a folder for corrupted Excel files and identify them.

The “Select File” dialog box is seen in the following image. Browse and Search are the two choices for selecting files in the box.

Step 2

When you upload corrupted files to the application for recovery, they appear as a list, as shown in the image below. Simply click the Repair button to begin the recovery procedure.

Step 3

Following the repair, the application will provide a list of all the files in the format shown below. Your duty is to select a file, inspect it, and then save it to the appropriate area.

Step 4

You can edit the file in the preview window if you need to make any changes to the corrected data. This feature has only recently been added to newer versions.

Step 5

In the program’s Log Report box, you may see a lot of information about the files while the recovery process is running. You’ll find a wealth of information about the file here, including its size, location, and recovery status. In the Log Report tab, the time and date of the mending operation are also displayed.

Step 6

You can save the log to your computer for further use. When you need to discover where the file recovery procedure went wrong, this log can help.

Simply go to the Tools tab and click on the Save Log instruction to save the log.

Click the Clear Log command to clear the log.


Stellar Repair for Excel, in my opinion, is an easy to use yet extremely powerful Excel file repair application. Viruses or other factors can ruin your Excel file at any time. This software can fix those faulty files while also allowing you to rest.

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