SpyHunter 5 Review (2021 Update)

SpyHunter is safe to use, but can be hard to uninstall.

SpyHunter is an anti-spyware program developed by Enigma Software Group USA, LLC. It concentrates on spyware and malware detection and removal rather than real-time computer security. It cleans the remnants of stubborn computer viruses and potentially undesirable programs and works best as an additional malware remediation solution alongside regular antivirus.

To begin, its threat database includes descriptions of a wide range of spyware, such as adware, browser hijackers, and other unwelcome system utilities, as well as malware, such as ransomware, trojans, rootkits, worms, keyloggers, and other dangerous programs. You can change the program’s settings so that it runs when the system boots up.


  • SpyHunter is safe to use, but can be hard to uninstall
    • The list of features that come with SpyHunter’s license
  • SpyHunter price
  • Compatibility and installation
    • The software has specific hardware requirements
    • SpyHunter installation help
  • Lab Test Results
  • Experts’ thoughts on SpyHunter
    • Good things about the anti-spyware solution
    • Not-so-good things about it

The list of features that come with SpyHunter’s license

  • Up-to-date Malware Definition Updates. The malware definitions are updated on a regular basis based on the most recent samples found. Even better, the anti-spyware program checks for new updates every time you start it, and if any are identified, it downloads and installs them automatically.
  • Exclusions list. If you discover that SpyHunter consistently flags non-malicious apps that you frequently use as harmful, you can add them to the exclusions list, and the security program will no longer flag them as dangerous.
  • One-On-One Customer Support. After obtaining the software license, you will have access to special tech assistance that will resolve any difficulties that the software is unable to resolve on its own.
  • Get Custom Malware Fixes. Another wonderful function that aids in time management. You can contact Spyhunter’s support team at any moment for custom malware patches. Based on the issue you’re having, you’ll receive an automated personalized fix.
  • User-friendly. SpyHunter 5 is a simple spyware removal program. Even unskilled computer users find this software user-friendly, claiming that it just took them a few minutes to figure out how to modify certain settings, conduct scans, and eliminate threats.
  • Rollback feature. Use SpyHunter’s backup capability if your anti-spyware software deletes an object that wasn’t a threat and you want to retrieve it. The deleted file will be restored to its original place.
  • Network Sentry. This supplementary settings panel allows you to modify system networking settings and protects your Internet connection from unauthorized changes. Your HOSTS file will be protected at all times, and you’ll also have the ability to give other Windows system files the same level of security. SpyHunter will monitor the DNS server and notify you if any unusual DNS settings are changed. Finally, the anti-spyware protects your browser’s homepage settings from infection.
  • Scan Scheduler. Scan Scheduler is a program that schedules scans. This function was built with the goal of allowing users to schedule daily computer system scans at times that are convenient for them. You can schedule scans every day, every other day, every weekday, or any other time period you like. However, the scan can only begin if your computer is turned on.
  • Custom Scan Option. Option for a Custom Scan You don’t have time to do a complete computer scan? There is no need to be concerned. Set the software to scan certain regions of the computer, such as the memory, registry, files, cookies, and rootkits.
  • Free Cookie detection and malware blocker.

SpyHunter price

SpyHunter is a premium application. Its annual license costs $39.99, however, it includes a free system scanning feature. However, once you’ve discovered risks on your system, you can devote some effort to manually removing them. Alternatively, if you want to save time, you can get anti-spyware software that can clean your computer for you.

When you buy Spyhunter, you’ll be given the option to add certain extras.

There is no such thing as a free version of SpyHunter, and any downloads that claim to be “spyhunter free download full version” are likely to contain unknown and potentially harmful attachments. Make sure you get the license from a reputable source, otherwise you could wind up with a catastrophic computer infection that corrupts all of your system’s files!

SpyHunter employs an intriguing marketing strategy, according to our specialists. When you try to delete SpyHunter from your computer, it presents you with a final offer to purchase the license for only $10! Isn’t this a fantastic deal? This deal may, however, be offered to new customers who have never purchased a license. However, such a low price makes for a wonderful bait.

Compatibility and installation

Only the Microsoft Windows operating system is supported by SpyHunter. It works best with the following Windows versions: XP (32-bit) Home/Professional/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit), Service Pack 2 or later;
Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit versions) including Starter/Home Basic or Premium/Business/Ultimate;
8, 8.1, 8 Pro (32 and 64-bit versions);
10 Home/Professional/Enterprise/Education (32 and 64-bit versions).

The software has specific hardware requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista/Microsoft Windows 7/Microsoft Windows 8: the software requires a processor with a clock speed of at least 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, and 200 MB of free hard disk space. When it comes to program requirements, the SpyHunter 5 requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

However, there is one additional software issue that we would like to solve. Malwarebytes Inc., the creator of two well-known spyware and malware removal applications – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and AdwCleaner – appears to be restricting SpyHunter and RegHunter at the moment (products of Enigma Software Group).

SpyHunter’s creator has filed legal action against Malwarebytes’ creator in order to address the issue, which is thought to have been designed for a competitive advantage. However, due to the described issue, the two applications will not work together, and you may need to disable or remove Malwarebytes if you want to utilize SpyHunter.

SpyHunter installation help

1. First, download and install SpyHunter on your computer, get the installer from a trusted source, such as the official developer’s (Enigma Software) page. SpyHunter-installer.exe is the file you’ll get. To start it, double-click it.

2. To install the software, follow the instructions on your screen.

3. Restart your computer after the installation is complete.

4. Congratulations! SpyHunter 5 is now ready for usage.

Lab Test Results

Due to the fact that the fifth version of the software is so new, we can only give lab test results for the fourth (prior) edition of SpyHunter at this time. SpyHunter’s skills are constantly tested by a number of well-known labs that specialize in security software testing.

AV-TEST is one of these laboratories, and it has published remarkable SpyHunter malware removal findings. It was able to detect and remove 20 of the 20 malware samples. The anti-spyware earned a pristine 100 percent in two tests conducted by an independent testing facility.

Another respectable security software testing agency, AV-Comparatives, is the second lab we’d like to mention. According to them, this simple and effective malware removal solution is ideal for non-technical people.

When tested on a clean machine, it found no threats (as predicted; this indicates that the software does not employ deceptive marketing techniques such as false-positive detections).

SpyHunter also has a habit of asking the user for permission before running an unknown program on the system. A new SpyHunter scan was run as soon as the unknown software was executed in order to detect and remove malware.

The program’s malware eradication abilities were the focus of the second test. The results reveal that SpyHunter is a “good,” but not “very good,” game. It did, however, receive 82 points, while the classification “very good” begins at 85 points, which is not far off.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to use Spyhunter for virus, adware, spyware and generic malware removal:

Experts’ thoughts on SpyHunter

Good things about the anti-spyware solution

  • SpyHunter is an easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly UI. It even includes brief malware descriptions to assist users in determining what dangers have been found on their systems.
  • DNS protection is a useful feature.
  • Good malware removal results – removes traces of stubborn and bothersome spyware and viruses that regular antivirus may overlook.

Not-so-good things about it

  • The real-time protection feature is mediocre at best.
  • Not only do “Unknown Object Execution” pop-ups appear for dangerous executables, but they also occur for authorized and trustworthy software downloads.
  • Malware droppers are rarely detected before or during execution, which leads to poor detection results.

SpyHunter 5 should be used in conjunction with regular antivirus software, according to the Geek’s Advice team. When it comes to detecting specific spyware threats, it is extremely effective. When it comes to more complicated malware infestations, though, you should use a powerful and professional antivirus tool to protect yourself.


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