3 Ways To Remove & Replace Image Background On Android

Do you wish to modify a picture’s background? You may want to delete and replace the backdrop of a photo if it has a chaotic background or if you require the subject cut-out. While professional programs such as Adobe Photoshop are ideally suited for professional work, free third-party apps can be used to remove and replace image background on an Android phone. Continue reading.

How To Remove Image Background and Replace It Within Minutes On Android

1. Using PhotoRoom

You can remove the image backdrop with PhotoRoom to generate a professional-looking image. You have the option of using a white background or a color of your choice. It can also blur, erase, or desaturate the background for a color splash of the subject.

The program may be used to create product images for e-commerce and marketplaces, as well as portrait photos for your ID. Here’s how to remove the backdrop from a photo with PhotoRoom.

1. On your Android phone, launch PhotoRoom.

Download PhotoRoom from Google Playstore

2. Choose a photograph from your phone’s gallery.

3. The software will now scan the image and automatically remove the background.

4. Click the Background icon to change the background.

5. For solid color backdrops, tap Fill.

6. Alternatively, you can select an image from the built-in collection or from your phone’s gallery by clicking Change background.

7. For a transparent background, click the Background icon and then Erase.

8. When you’re finished, click the Save symbol in the top right. Then, save the photo to the gallery on your phone.

A little watermark will appear in the bottom corner of photographs modified with the free version. So leave room for trimming or use other methods to get rid of the watermark.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to remove and replace image background on an Android phone:

2. Using Background Eraser & PhotoLayers

Another useful software for separating the subject from the backdrop is Background Eraser. The PhotoLayers software from the same developer can then be used to create a new background.

Steps to Remove the Image Background Using Background Eraser:

1. On your phone, open the Background Eraser app.

2. Select the photo by tapping on Load a photo.

3. Crop the image to keep the subject in the frame as much as feasible.

4. To erase the background, you have three options: Auto, Magic, and Manual.

5. The Auto mode removes portions of the image that are similar in color. If the background and subject have good color separation, use this option.

6. Like Photoshop’s Magic Wand tool, the Magic mode recognizes edges automatically. To eliminate the background, use it carefully around the edges.

7. Manual mode, on the other hand, allows you to manually remove the image’s background.

8. After you’ve completed the removal, utilize the Repair option to restore any elements of the topic that have been erased.

9. Select the level of smoothness for the edges by tapping on Done.

10. To get a picture with a transparent background, tap Save.

Steps to Replace the Transparent Background with a New Image:

1. On your phone, open the PhotoLayers app.

2. Select the background picture you want to use by clicking on Load a Photo.

3. Then, in the Background Eraser app, click Add Photo and select the photo you altered.

4. Align the subject and make any necessary adjustments to its colors and shadows.

5. You may now save the photograph to your gallery by tapping on Save.

3. Remove Image Background Online

The other option is to use RemoveBG to remove the image background:

1. In your browser, go to https://www.remove.bg/.

2. Upload the image from which you wish to remove the background.

3. RemoveBG will utilize artificial intelligence to separate the background object once the photo has been submitted.

4. The photograph with a transparent background can then be downloaded.

To alter the background, open the image in Paint 3D or software like PhotoLayers and replace it with a new image. This method saves a lot of time and produces excellent results.

Wrapping Up

On an Android phone, there are three simple ways to erase and replace image backgrounds. I hope you now know how to change the backdrop of a photo on your phone. Please tell me which strategy worked best for you. Keep an eye out for additional helpful hints in the future.

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