ProtonVPN application for Windows

ProtonVPN application for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7.

The installation, use, and key features of our VPN program for Windows will be covered in this post.

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A: The installation of ProtonVPN Windows application:

Go to this source to download ProtonVPN for Windows

Approve the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded application and completing these steps:

You may choose the installation folder, as seen in the image below, and it will install to your program files on C drive by default.

Another popup will appear during the installation of the Windows VPN application, requesting you to run the installation. To complete the ProtonVPN Windows software installation, tap Run.

B: Usage of ProtonVPN Windows application:

When the Windows VPN program installation is complete, a ProtonVPN shortcut will appear on your desktop. To start the application, simply locate the shortcut and double-click it. After that, you’ll be sent to the login screen, where you’ll need to sign in using your ProtonVPN credentials. You must enter your username and the exact password for your account.

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You also have a few settings, such as “Remember Login” and “Start with Windows,” which, if enabled, would start the application directly to the map UI when you power it up.

You will be provided with the UI of our Windows VPN program for quick and easy navigation and connection after successfully signing in. Click the “Quick Connect” option to get secured instantly and to connect to the closest server with the least amount of traffic for the best performance.

Now you can see a list of countries, each of which contains a number of VPN servers that you may access by clicking the downward arrow. Some of the nations, as seen in the picture below, have distinct specialized servers. For example, the Netherlands has two arrows pointing in separate directions, indicating that this country has P2P traffic-supporting servers. The Onion logo near Hong Kong indicates that we have servers in that country that enable Tor over VPN.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, as indicated in the image, to see our application’s menu. After you’ve accessed the menu, you’ll be able to access the following parts:

About – Information about the version of the program, the last time it was updated, and the changelog.

Profiles – For your browsing security requirements, you may see and update the profiles you’ve established.

Settings – Change the UDP/TCP protocol, the Killswitch option, and other aspects of the application.

Help – This link will take you to our Help Center, where you may get more information or contact customer service.

Report a bug – Send us the details of your problem, as well as the application connection logs.

Logout – Returns you to the log in page after logging out of your ProtonVPN account within the ProtonVPN program.

Exit – Closes the application completely.

You may view options that our program offers for your comfort and usage habits under the application settings – general tab.

Our VPN client for Windows also includes a Session traffic map that displays your current network bandwidth use and time.

You’ll see comparable information in the top-left corner of the app after you’re connected.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to download and install ProtonVPN on Windows 10 PC:

That concludes the discussion. You are secure and in charge of your privacy with ProtonVPN services after you have successfully connected using the Windows VPN program!

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