Logitech G Hub – Latest Download For Windows 10/8/7

In this tutorial, learn how to download and install Logitech G Hub in Windows 10/8/7.

You’re using Logitech gaming peripherals, keyboard, mouse, and headset, and you want better control of your gear? If so, we would recommend you install Logitech G Hub to help you with that.

Let me explain first what is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G Hub is a new software platform from Logitech G that lets you fine-tune control of your hardware, customize lighting, use your hardware with third party apps, and more – all with an easy-to-use interface that’s built for future products.

Main Features of Logitech G Hub For Windows 10:

G HUB recognizes your supported Logitech G gear, and gives you full access to their customization features. It automatically keeps firmware up to date.
– Choose features, assign macros and key binding, create color breaks and animations, all with a simple, intuitive interface.
– Now you can save multiple character profiles within your games and switch on the fly. So the powers and abilities you need are always available.
– Download profiles from your fellow players, gaming pros and popular streamers. It’s an easy way to try new mouse, keybind, and macros to enhance your game.
– Program buttons with in-app actions and create your own macros to launch media and switch scenes. Use your gaming gear to take command of OBS Studio for a faster and more seamless stream.
– Choose from numerous animation effects, download lighting profiles from the community, and create your own advanced effects with Logitech G LIGHTSYNC for keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers.

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How to Download and Install Logitech G Hub in Windows 10/8/7

1. First, download Logitech G Hub for Windows from the Logitech G Hub download page.

2. Double click the downloaded file to run the install process. Click Yes if prompted for confirmation.

3. Click Install.

4. After the process completes, click Install and Launch.

5. After the installation is complete, click Launch G Hub and your computer will restart.

After restarting your computer, connect your Logitech G gears and you can get full access to the customization features in Logitech G Hub.

Hope something helps you.

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