Insert headers, footers & page numbers in Microsoft Word for Android

You can utilize a few features in Microsoft Word to make your paper easier to understand and read, as well as to provide some more information. Page numbers are an essential part of any long document, allowing readers to navigate the document more easily. Headers and footers are great places to include data like the document’s author and title, while page numbers are an essential part of any long document, allowing readers to navigate the document more easily. Let’s look at how to use Microsoft Word for Android to add headers, footers, and page numbers:

How to insert headers & footers in Microsoft Word for Android

A document’s header and footer are unique areas reserved on the document’s top and bottom margins. To manage them, go to the top menu bar and tap the A icon.

Now, hit Home to bring up the Word menu bar.

Then select Insert to get a list of related alternatives.


Tap Header & Footer in the Insert menu to turn them on.

You will be brought to the first page’s header automatically. You can enter and edit text here just like you would anywhere else on the page.  This tutorial will teach you how to modify text in Word for Android.

Simply scroll the document and tap inside the header or footer to change it to switch between headers and footers. Alternatively, you can hit the A icon once more to bring up the menu, where you can choose between Header and Footer.

To access them, select Edit Header or Edit Footer. Pressing Remove Header or Remove Footer will remove the entire contents of the header or footer, accordingly.

When in the Header & Footer menu, touch Document Info to add the author’s name or the document’s title to the header or footer.


Each time you tap Author or Document Title, a field will be added to the header and footer.



To enter the author’s name or the document’s title, tap these fields.

On the Header & Footer menu, select Options to set additional header and footer options.

The headers and footers on each page are identical by default, but Different First Page allows you to have a different one on the first page, and Different Odd & Even Pages allows you to have alternate headers and footers on odd and even pages. After you’ve enabled these options, you may edit the headers and footers that go with them.


Tap Close Header & Footer on the Header & Footer menu to return to editing the document.

How to insert page numbers in Microsoft Word for Android

You must first open the Insert option in order to add page numbers to your document. To do so, go to the top menu bar and press the A icon. To access a menu list, press Home, then Insert. Finally, in the Insert menu, select Page Number.

You can place the page numbering on the left, middle, or right of the header or footer using the first six icons.

In the centre of the footer, we’ve placed numbering. On the Page Number menu, tap Number Format: to customize the appearance of the page numbers.

Page numbering is available in six different forms; select the one you want to use.

Returning to the Page Number menu, check the Include Page Count box to see not only the current page number but also the total number of pages in the document.

This function, however, is only available when the first, most basic numbering format is used.

The document’s page numbering will be removed if you tap Remove Page Numbers.


Although the main text of a document contains the majority of the information, the header and footer are equally crucial parts. They can be used to add logos, company information, and other important information to formal papers, as well as to display page numbering on long documents. When you use them effectively, your readers will have a far better reading experience.

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