How To Watch Periscope On PC/Laptop (Windows 10/8/7/Mac OS)

Can I watch Periscope on PC? In this tutorial, learn how to watch Periscope streams on your desktop computer or laptops using the Periscope web app.

Let me explain first what is Periscope app and how does it work?

Periscope is a live streaming platform available only for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Because Periscope is owned by Twitter Inc., thus you can use your Twitter account to log in to Periscope and comment on various streams. But if you are fed up of using Periscope on your small screen smartphones that always keep running out of battery, then this tutorial will guide you watch Periscope streams on your desktop computer or laptops easily.

To take full advantage of Periscope’s features, I would recommend you download the Periscope app to discover featured and popular live videos and to find new accounts to follow.

How to Watch Periscope Streams on Desktop Computer

Twitter also provides a web app of the same name that can be used from any web browser on your PC. It works on all the platforms like Linux, Mac, and Windows provided that you are using a popular web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. In order to watch Periscope streams on your PC, follow these steps below:

Step 1. Open your browser.

Step 2. Go to and it will open Periscope web app.

Step 3. Now you can watch Periscope Streams on your PC.

Watch Periscope on PC

The interface of the Periscope web app is almost the same as the Periscope app for the iPhone or Android. You can find your favorite Pericope broadcaster, you can search for channels based on hashtags and other search terms and more. But unfortunately, the app doesn’t support to find Pericope broadcasts based on your locations by using a world map.

When you watch a Periscope stream on PC, you can choose to go full screen with the browser by clicking the F11 hotkey and enjoy the stream on your large desktop computer screen. Other features are exactly the same as for the smartphone apps – you can send follow the Periscope broadcaster, hearts, comment, and more.

Hope something helps you.