How to Use Spotify on Windows 10

In this article, learn how to use Spotify on Windows 10.

To use Spotify, you don’t need an iPhone or an Android device.

In This Post:

  • Download the Spotify App
  • Log In
  • Create a New Account
  • Spotify Premium
  • Windows 10 Spotify Cortana Voice Commands
  • How to Uninstall

Using the official Spotify app for Windows 10 to listen to your Spotify music is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite playlists and tracks without having to use any other devices.

Here’s everything you need to know about installing Spotify on your Windows 10 computer or tablet, as well as what to do after it’s up and running.

Note: This article’s instructions are for Windows 10.

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How to Download the Spotify Windows 10 App

The official Spotify Windows app was previously only accessible for download through the Spotify website, but it has subsequently been updated to a modern Windows 10 app that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

The updated Spotify app, in addition to being easier to locate for the typical user, also benefits from Microsoft Store technology, which allows it to download updates for itself in the background and stay up-to-date.

To get the Spotify app on your Windows 10 device, follow these steps:

1. Select the Microsoft Store icon in your Start Menu to access the app store. It has the appearance of a white shopping bag with four different colored squares on the front.

2. Type Spotify into the search bar in the top-right corner of the Microsoft Store, then hit Enter on your keyboard.

3. As a consequence of your search, you’ll be shown a range of apps. Select the Spotify Music green icon.

4. Selecting Spotify Music will take you to the Microsoft Store’s Spotify Music page. Choose the blue Get option to download the Spotify app now.

5. Once the app is ready to use, Windows 10 will immediately install it and tell you via a system notification. It should just take a few minutes to set up.

How to Log In on the Spotify Windows 10 App

You may sign in with the same Spotify account you use on other devices, such as an iPhone or Android device, on Spotify for Windows. You can access all of your music and Spotify playlists by logging in with the same account, and you can also change your playlists and favorite tunes.

1. On your Windows 10 device, open the Spotify Music app.

2. The app will take you to a screen where you can sign up or log in. Login is the option.

Note: If you don’t already have a Spotify account, choose Sign Up Free and establish one before proceeding.

3. You can log in using Facebook, your Spotify email address, or your username and password on the next screen. Select Log In With Facebook if you’ve previously linked your Spotify account to your Facebook account. Otherwise, pick the green Log In button after entering your username or linked email address and password.

How to Create a New Account in the Spotify App

You may establish a new Spotify account for free within the app if you haven’t used it before or if you wish to have a separate account when using the app on your Windows 10 computer or tablet. Here’s how to do it:

You won’t be able to use this option if you’ve previously linked your Facebook account to a Spotify account.

1. Open the Spotify app for Windows 10.

2. The first thing you’ll see is a welcome screen. Choose the green Sign Up Free option.

Note: You will be greeted by a welcome screen. Choose the green Sign Up Free option.

3. Select Continue after entering your email address, password, and nickname.

4. Select the green Join Spotify button after entering your date of birth and gender. If you already have a Facebook account, you can establish a Spotify account by selecting Join With Facebook.

What is Spotify Premium?

While Spotify is free to use, individuals who want a more hassle-free experience may consider upgrading to Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium is a $9.99 per month premium monthly subscription that includes the following features:

  • While listening to music on Spotify, there are no in-app banner adverts or audio commercials.
  • The option to download music and listen to it later.
  • Skip any song as many times as you like.
  • Audio of higher quality.

Select Upgrade at the top of the screen next to your name to upgrade to Spotify Premium from within the Windows 10 app. In your device’s Microsoft Edge browser, go to the Spotify Premium page, which has further information about the Premium service and the option to sign up for a monthly premium subscription.

Windows 10 Spotify Cortana Voice Commands

You can control Spotify with your voice using Windows 10’s virtual assistant, Cortana, and even ask Cortana for information about the song playing.

The command prompts that Cortana will comprehend and reply to are listed below.

If your Windows 10 device doesn’t have any other music apps, you might be able to use these words without saying “on Spotify.”

  • “Play (genre) music on Spotify.”
  • “Play some (artist name) on Spotify.”
  • “Play my (playlist name) playlist on Spotify.”
  • “Hey, Cortana, what’s playing?”
  • “Play my tracks on Spotify.”
  • “Play (mood/feeling) music on Spotify.”

How to Uninstall the Windows 10 Spotify App

On Windows 10, uninstalling the Spotify app is the same as uninstalling any other app:

1. To access the Start Menu, press the Windows key on your keyboard.

2. In the top-left corner, select All apps. This will bring up a list of all the apps that have been installed on your Windows 10 computer or tablet.

3. Locate Spotify in the list and right-click it to bring up a menu of options. If your device has a touchscreen, you can also press the Spotify app icon for several seconds with your finger or pen.

4. Choose Uninstall.


5. You’ll be prompted to confirm the Spotify app’s removal. Re-select Uninstall from the drop-down menu.

6. The Spotify app will now be uninstalled from your Windows 10 device. It should only take a minute or two to complete.

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