How to Turn on or off Comments on YouTube

YouTube comments are enabled by default, and if they aren’t, knowing how to activate YouTube comments is a breeze. One of the most significant advantages of enabling comments on your YouTube videos is that you receive genuine feedback from your viewers.

It’s critical for you to read all of the comments on your YouTube videos as a brand. This not only aids in emotive analysis but also in determining what the audience expects from you and where you should concentrate your efforts while capturing and editing your material.

Keeping these considerations in mind, the parts that follow will show you how to enable comments on YouTube and how to turn off comments on YouTube. You’ll also learn about the various types of security and privacy settings available to you for filtering the comments made by the worrisome elements.

Part 1: How to Turn on or Turn off Comments for YouTube Channel

If you don’t want anyone to leave comments on any of your videos, you’ll need to learn how to disable comments on the YouTube. The following steps will walk you through the process:

Step 1: Get to YouTube Studio

Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account using your preferred web browser. From the top-right area of the webpage, click your profile image, then YouTube Studio from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Go to Channel’s Advanced Settings

Click the Settings icon at the bottom of the left pane, then Channel from the Settings box that appears next. From the right window, go to Advanced settings.

Step 3: Turn Off Comments

Click the Yes, set this channel as made for kids. I always upload content that’s made for kids radio buttons in the Audience area of the right pane. To turn off comments for all videos on your YouTube channel, click SAVE in the bottom-right corner to save the settings.

You can use the procedures below to enable comments on all the videos on your YouTube channel:

1. Set Channel Videos as Not Made for Kids

To go to the Advanced settings box for the channel, follow the steps outlined above. Choose No, set this channel as not made for kids. I never upload content that’s made for kids radio button. To save your changes, click SAVE.

2. Define Acceptable Comment Types

One more time, click the Settings icon at the bottom of the left pane. Go to the Upload defaults category on the left pane of the Settings box, and Advanced settings on the right pane. Choose your chosen comment allowance type from the Comment visibility drop-down box under the Comments section on the right, then click SAVE to allow comments on the channel’s videos.

3. Set Comment Allowance for Videos

Click Content in the left pane to return to the YouTube Studio page. To choose all of the videos on the channel, tick the Video box at the top of the list in the right area. From the column header, select Edit, and then Comments from the menu that appears. Choose your desired comment allowance option from the New value drop-down list, then click UPDATE VIDEOS in the upper-right area, check the I understand the implications of this action box, then click UPDATE VIDEOS to allow comments on all of the channel’s videos.

Additional Info about Comments Options

When you enable comments on your YouTube channel along with their significance, you have four options:

  • Allow all comments

When you select this option, YouTube allows anyone to leave any type of comment, regardless of how offensive or unpleasant the text is.

  • Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review

Only if YouTube considers the text is safe and does not contain any inappropriate terms will this option allow all comments from all users. If YouTube detects any undesirable content, such as spam or slang, the comment will be held until you manually evaluate and approve it.

  • Hold all comments for review

Selecting this option saves all of the comments from all users and waits for you to carefully review and approve or reject each one.

  • Disable comments

When this option is set, no one can leave any kind of comment on the video(s).

Part 2: Turn on or Turn off Comments for Specific Videos

Any video designated as ‘Made for kids’ does not enable users to leave comments, as you may have seen. This feature can also be used to enable or disable comments on certain YouTube videos.

Follow the instructions below to discover how to how to turn on comments on YouTube for a certain video:

Step 1: Go to the Content Page

To go to YouTube Studio, follow the steps outlined above and select Content from the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 2: Go to the Target Video’s Details Page

Click the Details icon while hovering your cursor over the target video in the right window.

Step 3: Turn on Comments

Select the No, it’s not made for kids radio button from the Audience area in the right pane of the Video details page. Then, select your desired privacy choice from the Comment visibility drop-down list by clicking SHOW MORE, scrolling down to the Comments and ratings area. To save the changes, click SAVE in the upper-right corner.


Note: If you want to learn how to disable comments on YouTube for a specific video, follow the instructions above and select the Yes, it’s made for kids radio option from the Audience section on the Video details page.

FAQs About YouTube Comments

1. Why can’t I comment on the YouTube video?

This could be due to a variety of factors. For example, the owner has set the video or the entire channel to ‘Made for kids,’ the owner has disabled comments for the video or the channel, you have used some inappropriate words in the comment that YouTube has temporarily blocked, and the text must be reviewed and approved by the owner before it becomes visible, and so on.

2. I want people to comment on my Private video. What should I do?

YouTube does not enable anyone to leave a comment on a video that has been set to ‘Private’ at the time of this writing. If that’s the case, you’ll need to modify the video’s nature to ‘Unlisted’ and share the link with the users before they can leave a remark.

3. How can I block certain words and links on the YouTube comments?

You can block words by going to YouTube Studio > Settings > Community and adding them to the Blocked words field on the Automated Filters tab in the right pane. Multiple words can be added by separating them with commas. Check the Block links box to prevent comments with links from appearing. To save your changes, click SAVE.

4. If I turn comments off and back on again, will the old comments come back?

Yes. Existing comments vanish when you switch off the comments. When you turn them back on, all of the prior comments appear again, and the audience may see them.

5. If I change my comment settings, will the existing comments be impacted?

The nature of the comments will determine this. If you update the settings, for example, the changes are reflected in the comments left on new videos as well as the new comments left on your channel homepage. Current comments on existing videos, new comments on existing videos, and existing comments on your channel’s homepage, however, will not be affected.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to turn on comments on YouTube for PC:


It’s simple to figure out how to turn comments on YouTube. The best part is that the comments are allowed by default, and if you don’t want them, you can turn them off by setting the videos or the entire channel to ‘Made for kids.’ If the comments on a video were previously enabled and then disabled, the old comments are automatically removed. When the video’s comments are enabled again, they reappearance.

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