How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story

In this tutorial, learn how to see other viewers on Facebook story.

Stories are really popular on social media these days, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. People can simply share their everyday moments with their friends and family in the form of images and videos. Facebook tales, like Snapchat Snaps (the original developer of Stories), last for 24 hours but are more likely to be seen by your friends and followers.

This is because stories display right on top of your social media feed, and users can access the most recent story updates with just one click.

If you’re a frequent Facebook user, you’re probably aware that you can’t see who viewed your Facebook profile, but you can quickly learn about who viewed your Facebook story.

Have you ever noticed the message “viewed by 1 other” or “1 other people viewed this story” below your tale?

Here’s the full text of the message: “1 other person viewed this story. As it was shared to Public, a person you’re not friends with saw it”.

You’re probably wondering what this implies and why the site doesn’t provide the names of these other users, as you’d like to know who has viewed your stories.

In this piece, we’ll go through what “Other Viewers” implies and how to see other people’s stories on Facebook.

Does that make sense? Let’s get this party started.

  • What Does “Other Viewers” Mean on Facebook Story?
  • How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story

What Does “Other Viewers” Mean on Facebook Story?

The “Other Viewers” are folks who haven’t become friends with you but have seen your Facebook story.

For example, if the notice says, “11 other people watched your story,” it signifies that 11 people who aren’t your Facebook friends have seen your tale. These additional visitors could be your Facebook friends or random strangers.

This will only appear if you have set your story’s privacy to public. Other viewers will be counted if someone other than your Facebook buddy views your article.

It’s worth noting that your story’s privacy option will be set to “Friends” exclusively by default. This means that only your friends will be able to see your tale.

If you set it to “Public,” however, your narrative will be available to everyone on Facebook and Messenger.

You must modify your privacy settings before sharing a story if you do not want other people to see it. On the story page, the Privacy option is right at the bottom of the screen.

You can then update your privacy settings to “friends” or “friends and connections” from there.


There’s also a “Custom” privacy option here that lets you determine who can see your narrative. You can use this option if you only want to reveal your story to a few friends or a group of individuals.

How to See Other Viewers on Facebook Story

On the Facebook story, you are unable to see other viewers. If your story’s privacy setting is set to “Public,” you’ll only be able to see how many people have viewed it. Facebook has made the decision to keep this information private.

You can also see that someone asked in the Facebook Help Community, “How do you see who the “other viewers” are that watch your story”.

Answer from the Facebook Help Team is:

Hi Nam Anh,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Community.

If your story privacy is set to Public, you’ll be able to see the number of followers who have viewed your story, but not specific follower names. Please consult the link below to learn more about this feature on Facebook:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


I’ve included a screenshot of the exchange as well.

If you’re worried about other people seeing your tale, updating the privacy option on your story is an easy approach to avoid it.

You can, however, see a list of your friends who have viewed your tale, as well as their profiles. These names will remain visible even after your story has been removed.

Let’s see that 1 other viewer on your Facebook story in this easy and quick tutorial.

Final Words:

When you publish your first article on Facebook, the privacy setting is set to “Friends” only by default. If you alter it to “Public,” however, your tale will be visible to everyone on Facebook.

If you’re concerned about privacy, change your privacy option to “Friends,” otherwise you won’t be able to tell who they are.

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