How To Root Any Android Device Without a Computer

How to root your Android device with multiple programs

There are a lot of different methods to root your Android device.

Rooting with Root Master

The XDA Developers forum mentions Root Master as one of the best one-click root methods — and it’s simple for beginners to use. Here are the steps:

1. Download and install the Root Master APK as a normal app or game.

If this is your first time installing an app from outside of the Google play store, you may need to tap the Unknown Sources button in your Android Security settings to complete the installation.

2. Then, open Root Master app and tap Start.

3. The app will let you know if your device is compatible. If it isn’t, you must try one of the other apps in our post.

If you can root your device, proceed to the next step, and the app will begin rooting. Wait for the process finish.

Notes: Don’t use your phone for anything else while it’s running.

4. Once you see the Success screen, reboot your Android device, and you’re done!

Once it’s finished, you can install and use Magisk to manage your root access.

Rooting with Framaroot

Framaroot is a newer one-click rooting service, and it aims to make the process of rooting easy for everyone with a simple one-click “root” button. However, you might have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it started.

1. Download the Framaroot APK.

2. Install it — you may need to tap the Unknown Sources button in your Android Security settings to complete the installation.

3. Launch the app, and tap Root.

4. If it can root your device, you can root your device.

You then must download and run Magisk to manage your root access.

Then that’s it — you’re ready!

Rooting with IRoot

Using IRoot rooting app, you not only can root the phone but also can unroot with one click. This app is compatible with almost all android devices from v2.3 to higher versions. It also supports HTC, Samsung, Google, Sony, and almost all branded phones.

1. As usual, download and install the IRoot app on the device you are about to root.

2. Click on the root option.

3. It will start rooting your device in the frame of minutes.

4. That’s it. Your phone has been rooted.

Before performing a root operation on your phone, let us know more about rooting, what rooting is, its advantages, disadvantages, and prerequisites involved in the process of rooting. Let us know one by one.

Rooting with Towel Root

Towel Root is the most rooting app used nowadays. This is compatible with almost all devices. Best works with the latest android versions and higher than v4.4.2.

1. First download and install the Towel Root app on your device.

2. Open the app and click on the Ra1n option available on the screen.

3. It will start rooting your device.

4. Wait for a few seconds, and you can find the newly rooted device.

Download Root Checker

You will need to download an app to make sure your device has successfully rooted. There are several apps available on the Google Play store that, when downloaded, will tell you if you have super-user permission — a telltale sign you have succeeded. Root Checker is popular — simply installing and running it will tell you if your phone has super-user permissions.

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