How to Make Wallpaper Transparent on Android

Regardless of how expensive your smartphone is, there are thousands and millions of other copies in circulation that other people are carrying with them. That is, you are not carrying anything else. It may be upsetting to see other people with the same phone as you. But you have no control over it.

However, there is one thing you can do to make your smartphone unique and one-of-a-kind. That is, by customizing the interior of your phone. Just as people customize the interior of their cars, you can customize the interior of your smartphone by installing eye-catching wallpapers.

However, as you are all aware, wallpapers are now quite common. You will undoubtedly see someone’s phone with a better wallpaper than yours, no matter how unique and classy it is. There are thousands of apps and websites that contain a plethora of high-quality wallpapers, and the majority of people use those apps and websites. This is why you require something more advanced. This is what we call transparent wallpapers. This sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at how it works and how to set one up on your Android phone.

Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app

The Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app, as the name suggests, will use your phone’s camera to give it a transparent appearance. This is a great app if you want to make a transparent wallpaper on Android instead of the standard one.

1. Open the Play Store on your Android phone and search for the Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app.

2. Once it is installed, launch the app. And then select the TRANSPARENT option that appears on the screen.

3. Now you must tap on WHILE USING THE APP to allow the app to snap photos and record movies on your phone.

4. Choose the Set wallpaper option on the following screen.

5. You must decide whether you want the wallpaper to serve as both your lock screen and home screen. Finally, choose the option that best suits your requirements.

6. Now quit the app as usual and use your phone with a background that is always translucent.

While choosing transparent wallpaper, you need bear a few things in mind. You cannot enable a facial detection feature to unlock your phone if your background is transparent. This is due to the fact that the back camera becomes operational as soon as your Android phone is turned on. Second, because this software constantly uses your phone’s camera, a significant amount of battery life will be lost. Therefore, it is advised against keeping a transparent wallpaper on your phone if your battery is low.

Open the Transparent Screen and Live Wallpaper app on your phone, then hit the erase icon that appears in the top-right corner to get rid of this effect.

In addition to using a transparent background, you may also set a lovely live wallpaper that shows a hot air balloon moving when the screen is moved. Simply click Set wallpaper and choose LIVE WALLPAPER. Before setting the live wallpaper, you can also preview the screen.

Transparent Live Wallpaper app

Another incredible software, this one allowing you to set transparent wallpaper on your phone and give your home screen a whole different appearance. After you have downloaded and installed the app from the Play Store on your phone, you must select one of the two available options under Transparent Wallpaper. Using the Mirror Live Wallpapers option, your phone’s front camera will be used, while the Transparent Wallpaper option will give the app access to the back camera. After choosing, all you have to do is click Set wallpaper to activate the transparent wallpaper.

You may view live wallpapers with motion in the translucent Live Wallpaper app as well. You have the option of setting a lovely image of a rose with falling petals or an autumnal wallpaper with leaves falling from a tree.

Shake Screen is another another incredible software feature. There is a selection of numerous additional attractive wallpapers in this feature. The best part is that when this feature is turned on, shaking your phone will automatically change the background.

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With your Android phone, the thought of employing a wallpaper with a transparent camera screen has undoubtedly crossed your mind at least once. We are grateful to the Android team and outside apps for making this possible. It’s time to reveal your phone to your buddies and surprise them. They’ll be stunned to see this and ask you how you achieved it, for sure. Don’t forget to let them know about this post. Please share any queries you may have in the comments section below.

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