How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord – (MEE6 & CarlBot)

I’ll show you how to make a welcome channel discord using Carlbot and MEE6 in this article.

After signing up for Discord and creating a server, the first thing you should do is create a welcome message for new members who join your server.

Many people are switching to Discord since it is quickly becoming one of the greatest apps for communicating not only in the gaming community, but also in a variety of other communities.

How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord with MEE6

MEE6 is one of the most popular and best discord bots, with the majority of users utilizing it to create a welcome channel on their server.

This procedure must be completed in four steps.

Step 1 – Create a Discord Welcome Channel

You’ll need a channel in your Discord server to configure MEE6 in the first step. To make a Discord welcome channel, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Discord server where you want to make a welcome channel and log in.

2. To create a channel, click the + button in the text channel area, which will open a new box labeled Create channel.

3. Keep the channel type set to Text and the channel name set to “Welcome.

4. You can enable the toggle of the private channel if you want to keep this channel secret. This is entirely up to you and is not required.

5. After that, click Create channel.

Now that you’ve successfully created a welcome channel, let’s set up the channel’s permissions.

Your server will now have a welcome channel, which you may drag to the top.

Step 2 – Set up Permission for Welcome Channel

Because the purpose of a welcome channel on a Discord server is to welcome new members, we must block the “Send Messages” permission and enable the “Read Messages” permission.

Follow these simple instructions.

  • On the right-hand side of the welcome channel, click the settings gear icon.
  • Click the Permissions tab from the left-hand menu option under settings, and then make sure the role is set to “Everyone.

  • To activate this access, check the boxes next to “Read Messages” and “Read Messages history.”
  • By clicking on the red X, you can now disable the “Send Messages” permission.
  • Save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

So now that you’ve completed the channel creation and permissions, it’s time to add MEE6 to your Discord server.

Step 3 – Add MEE6 Bot to Discord Server

So now it’s time to connect the MEE6 bot to your Discord server, which is a simple process, and then we’ll continue on to setting up the welcome channel.

  • Navigate to the official MEE6 webpage in your browser.
  • Scroll down on the MEE6 page and click the Add to Discord button.

  • A new box will appear, asking you to authorize MEE6 by logging in with your Discord account.
  • If you are hooked in to Discord on another page, this may automatically log you in, so make sure you are logged in with the correct discord account and then click Authorize.
  • There may be an error message or a new login location identified, in which case you must verify through your email.
  • You will now be logged in to MEE6 using your Discord account, and all of your Discord servers will be displayed.
  • Select the server to which you wish to add the MEE6 bot and then press the GO button.

Okay, now you’ve successfully added the MEE6 bot to your Discord server, and we’re ready to set up MEE6 in the welcome channel.

Step 4- Configure MEE6 Bot for Welcome Channel

You should now be on the MEE6 dashboard, which will display the plugin gallery.

We’ll need to enable the Welcome plugin here, even though it’s usually enabled automatically when you install MEE6 on your server.

However, you should check whether MEE6’s welcome plugin is enabled or not.

  • Open the MEE6 dashboard, go down a little, and you’ll see Welcome under server management. If it’s green, it’s added; if it’s grey, click on the toggle to enable it.

  • To access the options, click the Welcome plugin once it has been enabled.
  • Enable the first option, “Send a message when a user joins the server,” and the other options will expand once you’ve done so.
  • Choose the Welcome message channel you created in the first stage from the “Welcome message channel” drop-down menu.

  • The message box will appear in the next stage, with two options: “Text” and “Embed.” The message with the code is already there by default, so leave it until you come up with a better text or embed message.
  • The next option is “Send a welcome card when a user joins the server,” which enables users to receive a welcome card with information such as the number of server members.

  • There are a few more options at the bottom, such as “Give new users a role” and “Send a notification when a user departs the server.” This is completely optional, and you can activate it as needed.
  • When you’re finished, click Save and you’re done.

So, you’ve made a welcome channel for your Discord server. Let’s look at how you can use Carl bot to make a welcome channel.

How to Make a Welcome Channel on Discord with Carl Bot

Carl bot is another excellent discord bot with a number of free features, including the ability to create a welcome message channel on the server.

Because many of you may be using MEE6 and Carlbot, I’ve included this second bot in this article. So you can choose from any of the bots, depending on which one you were using previously and which one best meets your needs.

This will likewise be done in three steps, with the first step of building a Discord welcome channel being skipped because it has already been discussed above.

Step 1 –  Create a Welcome Channel and Setup Permission

Create a Welcome channel on the server to greet new members who join your server.

If you have already made a welcome channel on the Discord server, proceed to the next step; if not, scroll up to learn how to do so.

Once created, set up permission for the channel by reading step no 2 explained above.

Step 2 –  Add Carlbot to your Discord Server

Carlbot’s installation on the Discord server is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

Follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Go to Carlbot‘s official website and select “Login with Discord” from the drop-down menu.

2. This will lead you to the Discord login screen, where you must first log in using your Discord account before authorizing the permission.

3. It will lead you to a dashboard with a list of servers you have on your Discord once you’ve added it.

4. To configure the Welcome channel, go to the server where you want to add Carlbot.

5. Click Continue and then Authorize in the next step. If prompted, use a human captcha verification as well.

After that, click Get started, and Carlbot will be added to your Discord server, where you can rapidly customize it.

Step 3 – Configure CarlBot to Discord Welcome Channel

The Carl bot dashboard has undergone a lot of changes, so this is the most recent version to better understand how to set up a welcome channel on Discord using Carlbot.

How to make a Welcome Channel in Discord With Carlbot Preset Option

1. When you open the Carlbot dashboard, you’ll notice the General option on the front screen; simply click Next to move on to the Welcome setup.

2. You have two options on the welcome setup screen. You can go with the “Preset” option to keep things simple. However, if you wish to create your own own message, select “Custom.

3. I’ll start with the Preset option, so select Preset. When prompted for a channel, select the Welcome channel you created in the first step from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.

That’s all there is to it. You may check how this is working by returning to your discord server and issuing a command.

Please type the command !testgreet and press enter, a test welcome message will appear.

How to Make a Custom Welcome Message Channel on Discord With Carlbot 

If you want to go with some more appealing welcome messages, you’ll have to put in some effort.

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it step by step. Just follow the steps below.

NOTE: Make sure developer mode is turned on in Discord by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Developer mode.

  • Because you’ve already joined with your discord, go to Carlbot’s website and select Manage.
  • Now select the server where you want a custom or embedded welcome channel to appear.
  • Select Welcome from the left-hand settings menu option.

  • You can type a custom message and use the Embed Builder option in the right-hand Welcome message box.
  • Let’s get started writing an embed message for the Discord welcome channel by clicking on Show embed builder.
  • Paste the URL of the image that will symbolize your server in the Icon Url field. You can either upload to a discord server and then copy the link, or copy from Google.
  • Type the variable {server} in the name section, and type Hey {mention} Welcome to {server} in the description.
  • Now paste the url to any GIF or image in the image URL field. You may search for Welcome GIF or Images on Google. Note you must have discord nitro to use GIF 
  • Type {user(avatar)} in the thumbnail URL box to see the avatar of every member who joins the service.

  • By using the Toggle color picker, you can alter the color of the embed line. Choose the one that appeals to you.

Once you’ve finished, click Save and you’re done. You can now spend some time on Carlbot for more variables and possibilities.


Setting up a Welcome channel maintains the professionalism of your server while also welcoming new members.

You’ve learnt how to make a welcome channel on discord both through MEE6 and Carlbot, so go with the one that feels most natural to you.

Once you’ve created the welcome channel and configured it with the bot, test it with the test command or by joining the server with another discord account.

Check this video for more help:

Please let me know which bot you like and which one you think would be best for creating a unique welcome message channel on Discord.

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