How To Install Dual Boot Remix OS With Windows 10

In this article, learn how to install Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows 10.

Let me explain first what is Remix OS?

Remix OS is a free Android version made by Jide, the company behind this operating system. Unlike the other emulators which just allow you to run the apps, the Remix OS offers you the entire Android operating system to your computer. You can find a windows interface, a system bar, mouse and keyboard support, file manager, and more.

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How To Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows 10/8/7

Previously we shared a post that will help you create Remix OS bootable USB for OS X and later we also wrote a tutorial to create a bootable Remix OS USB drive to make it run besides your Windows OS.


  • Remix OS and Remix OS Installation tool (Download Remix OS for Windows and Remix OS Installation Tool).
  • UEFI Boot with Secure Boot OFF (for 64-bit) or Legacy BIOS (for 32-bit/64-bit).
  • Minimum 8GB space on Hard Disk (HDD).

Let’s start now.

Step 1. Visit this source to download the Remix OS for Windows and Remix OS Installation tool.

Choose the package for 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows. While the 32-bit supports only Legacy BIOS mode, the 64-bit supports both UEFI Boot as well as Legacy BIOS (with Secure Boot disabled).

Step 2. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract it by using WinRAR. After extraction completes, you’ll have a folder with 3 files in it; the Remix OS Installation Tool, the Remix OS ISO file, and an instruction file. Double click to run the Remix OS installation tool.

Step 3. Click on the “Browse” button and choose the Remix OS ISO file. Under “Type“, choose “Hard Disk” for disk installation as you need to dual boot the OS, then the partition under “Drive“. Click OK to install Remix OS on your partition.

Step 4. When the installation is completed, restart your computer.

Note: If you’re using the 64-bit version of Windows with UEFI Boot, you’ll need to turn off Secure Boot in the Boot Menu.

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Step 5. After rebooting your system, you will see Windows 10 along with new Remix OS option in the boot menu. Select Remix OS in Windows Boot Menu.

First-time-boot will take about 30 minutes to prepare the data partition after which Remix OS logo should occur confirming successful installation. Once done, you will have to select the language settings, and select agree for the user agreement.

Now you will see the Remix OS successfully dual booted with your Windows 10.

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In this video, we are gonna show you how to install Android Remix OS in Dual Boot Mode with Windows 10.

Hope something helps you.