How to Install .Appx or .AppxBundle Software in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to install an appx or appxbundle application on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform applications are distributed in .Appx or .AppxBundle files. They’re is normally downloaded from the Microsoft Store, but Windows 10 allows you to sideload Appx packages from anywhere.

Like other programs, you should only download .Appx or .AppxBundle packages from a reliable source.

To begin: Enabling Developer options or Sideloading

You can only install .Appx or .AppxBundle software from outside the Windows Store if sideloading is enabled on your Windows 10 PC. To enable sideloading mode, go to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers. Under “Use developer features”, select the “Sideload apps” or “Developer mode” option.

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An APPX or .AppxBundle application can be installed in one of two methods; from PowerShell, or via the App Installer. All you need to do is ensure the software is safe and that you’ve downloaded them from sources you trust.

How to Install an .Appx Package Using App Installer

To install them, just double-click a .Appx or .AppxBundle package.

App Installer is a free Microsoft app that allows you to install .Appx or .AppxBundle applications graphically on Windows 10. To install them, follow these steps below:

1. Head to the App Installer page in the Microsoft Store.

2. Click Get, and then click Install.

3. Once the app has been installed, browse to a .Appx or .AppxBundle package and double-click it.

4. You will see a window showing information about the package, including the name, version number, publisher, and an icon provided by the developer.

5. To install the package, click Install (or Update if you’re updating an app).

How to Install an .Appx Package Using PowerShell

You can also use PowerShell cmdlets to install an .Appx package. Here are the steps to install an Appx package with PowerShell:

1. Open PowerShell as Administrator.

2. Run the following command and pointing it at the path to the .Appx file on your system:

Add-AppxPackage -Path “Path to APPX file”

3. Restart the computer.

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In this video, we are gonna show you how to install .appx and .appxbundle software on Windows 10:

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