How to inspect element on Android Without Computer

In this article, learn how to inspect element on Android without computer.

Inspect elements are easily accessible in a web browser for PC users. So, what if you’re an Android user? In an Android browser, how can I inspect an element? , Is the situation the same?

Inspect Element is a handy tool that can be found in most web browsers. You can use Inspect Element to inspect the basic code in web pages. That is, the picture source, javascript code, CSS code, fonts used, colors, and HTML code are all visible.

The methods for using the inspect element on a cellphone differ significantly from those for using it on a computer. The reason for this is that the Android web browser lacks built-in tools for inspecting elements.

If you want to learn how to inspect elements on Android, there is a Google Playstore application that may help you do so.

For additional information, see How to inspect elements on Android to see the HTML code structure on a web page for a complete tutorial.

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Edit Webpage is a program that allows you to edit web pages by using the inspect element feature. Because of its small size, this program is both free and light.

On an Android phone, here’s how to inspect elements:

1. Install the Edit Webpage app from the Google Play Store or install Edit Webpage APK on Android phone.

2. When you run the application, the Google page will automatically open.

3. Enter the URL of the website or webpage where you wish to look at the element.

4. When the webpage is open, go to the upper right corner and tap the edit icon.

5. You are now able to make modifications to the web page.

6. To save your changes to the inspect element, tap the Edit icon again after you’ve made the appropriate modifications.

7. Done.

After you’ve figured out how to inspect elements on Android and tried editing a web page with the Edit Webpage app, you’re ready to move on.

Inspect Element on Google Chrome Android

You won’t need any additional software for this procedure. All you have to do is utilize Google Chrome, which is available on all Android devices.

To learn how to inspect items in Google Chrome, follow the instructions below:

1. To begin, open Chrome browser on your Android phone.

2. Then go to the desired web page and add view-source: to the beginning of the web URL link when it opens.

3. View-source:, for example.

4. To see the web page’s code, press Enter.

5. Copy the code and make any necessary modifications.

However, unlike the previous way, you cannot apply the changes directly using the Edit Webpage program. You can just copy the code from the website and modify it elsewhere.

However, if you’re using Google Chrome on a PC, you can edit the inspect element directly. In Google Chrome, inspect elements is as simple as right-clicking and selecting the inspect element menu.

Benefits of Inspect Element

You can change the appearance of a website or web page on your device with the inspect element. Apart from that, the Inspect Element comes in handy when you want to check out a website’s design or discover what fonts are being used. You may also examine how CSS is utilized, how javascript works on webpages, and a variety of other things.

The majority of users merely use Inspect Element for amusement. On a Facebook profile page, for example, you may use the inspect element to swap out a person’s photo for another. This Android Inspect Element can be used to trick your pals.

The Inspect Element, on the other hand, only applies to your device, and when you refresh or reload the web page, the Inspect Element vanishes, and the web page returns to its original state.

There are numerous articles on how to inspect an element on Android. Depending on your demands, you can select between the two ways listed above.

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