How to Get Netflix for Free 2021

In this tutorial, learn how to get Netflix for free.

Netflix is one of the best streaming services in the world, with a huge selection of films, series, originals, and original content. There is no way to watch any of the provider’s series or movies without a membership: everyone who wants to access the content must have an active subscription. Because Netflix just increased the cost of membership in several countries, we’re going to show you how to obtain Netflix for free in 2021 by using the 100% working ways. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s free streaming service.

Subscribing to Netflix is incredibly enticing due to its large selection of exclusive programs and flicks. Most Netflix originals are only available to watch on the Netflix website or must be purchased separately from Amazon or other online retailers. Exclusive Netflix content such as “Mindhunter” and “Stranger Things” are wonderful examples. You can try the streaming service for a month for free to determine if it’s worth subscribing to. All you need to do now is follow these simple instructions.

Customers can choose from three subscription options offered by the streaming service. The quality of the streaming video and the number of persons who can use the subscription at the same time varied amongst them. The ordinary and premium subscriptions cost $12.99 and $15.99 per month, respectively. The standard subscription, on the other hand, is $8.99. Since April 2019, Netflix has become more expensive; not everyone can afford to subscribe. As a result, we created this article to provide those individuals with all of the techniques for watching Netflix for free in 2021.

The streaming service is offering all new customers the chance to experience Netflix for free for the first 30 days (1 month), which is useful when you want to see if the available films, TV series, or TV shows have filled your heart full of happy memories or not.

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  • How to Get Free Netflix 2021
    • Signing up for Netflix 30 Days free trial
    • How to Get Unlimited Trials on Netflix 2021
    • How to Get the Second trial on Netflix using the same Credit card
    • Talk to Netflix Hotline and ask them to extend your trial
    • Netflix Cookies Today
    • Netflix Account Sharing
    • Get a Free Netflix account / Netflix Account Generator 2021
    • Group Buy Netflix for a cheaper price

How to Get Free Netflix 2021

Method #1. Signing up for Netflix 30 Days free trial

Netflix offers a 30-day trial membership that is both free and flexible. You’ll have access to all Netflix material as if you were a paid subscriber during this time, and you’ll be able to watch as many movies and TV episodes as you want, including Stranger Things, Dark, Black Mirror, Riverdale, and Orange Is the New Black. You have the opportunity to change your membership plan or cancel before the conclusion of the one-month trial term. There will be no hidden fees; your card will not be charged even 0.01 cents. You only need to follow these instructions to get a free month of Netflix. Even though we have a working method for getting a free trial several times, we will discuss it in the following methods. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on the Sign Up procedure.

1.) Of course, the first step is to go to the Netflix website:

2.) Select the red “Try 30 Days Free” button from the drop-down menu.

3.) You will now be brought to a website with information on the free trial and its terms and conditions. Click the “SEE THE PLANS” button to move on to the next phase.

4.) Now you can select one of the three subscription packages available. You can utilize the premium plan to take control of all of the premium features for your conscience because you don’t have to pay anything for the first month.

Note: The most crucial thing to remember is that after the trial month (30 days), the premium subscription costs $15.99 per month. Their one-month estimations are based on the date when the trial was initially started. As a result, you must cancel your subscription prior to the conclusion of the trial period. If your mind changes as a result of your circumstances, you can modify your subscription package later and choose a cheaper one as soon as costs emerge for you. Of course, you can cancel your Netflix subscription whenever you choose to stop watching it, and you can always come back to it later if you want.

5.) Enter your e-mail address  (which you haven’t used on Netflix previously) and a password of your choice & Click “Continue” button.” Remember these details or save them immediately from your browser since you’ll need them to log into your Netflix account in the future with your e-mail and password.

6.) Last but not least, you must input your payment information. Don’t worry; you can only utilize these if you don’t cancel your subscription before the free month expires. You have the option of paying with a credit card, a debit card, PayPal, or gift card.


Tip: Netflix accepts PayPal and gift cards as payment methods in many regions. So, if you want to obtain Netflix for free without having to use a credit card, this might be the ideal alternative for you.



7.) Once you’ve accomplished all of these procedures, you can use Netflix free for a month in 2019. Unless you have chosen the basic option, you have complete access to the subscription at this time and without any limits.

Do not forget to Cancel Netflix Trial before it ends!

The cancellation of the free month is a straightforward process. It’s not a difficult task. Netflix makes it simple for you by allowing you to cancel the trial month right after signing up, so you may still make use of the offer for 30 days for free! So, if you’ve only recently started using Netflix, you can cancel your membership at any moment (within 30 days) and continue to watch Netflix for free until the trial period ends.

To do this,

1.) Go to Netflix and sign in.

2.) Select the sub-item “Account” under “your name” in the upper right corner.

3.) To the left of your e-mail address, you’ll see the “Cancel Membership” button, which you must select.

4.) Finally, you must confirm your membership termination. That is all there is to it. You’ve just finished canceling your Netflix subscription.
You can revive your account at any point after the cancellation if necessary.

If you like what this VoD service has to offer, you may learn more about how much Netflix costs and the contents of the three memberships that are accessible.

Netflix has three types of subscription plans as of October 2021:

Plan Price Screens Resolution
Basic $8.99 1 (Max users) SD
Standard $12.99 2 (Max users) HD
Premium $15.99 4 (Max users) HD, Ultra HD 4K

Basic Plan: Access to all content with standard definition video quality without HD or UltraHD video resolutions for $8.99 / month. There is a limit of one simultaneous playback (on a PC, TV, smartphone, or tablet). You may also download the movies to your phone or tablet with this package.

Standard Plan: Netflix is available for $12.99 / month with HD content (but not UltraHD), and two devices can view Netflix at the same time.

Premium Plan: For $15.99 / month, you get HD content, UltraHD, and support for up to four devices at once.

Method #2. How to Get Unlimited Trials on Netflix 2021

In general, Netflix gives a one-month free trial to subscribers who sign up for the first time. The trial system is set up to work in this manner. That is exactly what we saw in our initial method. The truth is that depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get Netflix trial more than one time and possibly get unlimited free trials.

The Netflix trial system recognizes new customers based on their billing information and the e-mail address they used to join up. So, while you were signing up for Netflix when you wanted to get the second trial on Netflix. You should use different billing method and an use different billing method that you haven’t used previously to join up for Netflix. So, anytime you take another trial, make sure to use the various payment options.

You are eligible for three trials if you have a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. You can also take advantage of it if you have accounts with many banks. Having a variety of credit and debit cards is a smart idea. As soon as the current trial is over, you can use your cards one by one. Netflix will be unaware that you are the same individual who has set up many trials to deceive them.

So, if you’re in a hurry to watch Netflix and have a variety of payment methods and e-mail addresses on hand, you may sign up for a free Netflix trial right now. To accomplish this, simply follow the procedures outlined in Method #1. Also, don’t forget to cancel your subscription since if you don’t, you’ll be charged for the following month.

Method #3. How to Get the Second trial on Netflix using the same Credit card

Do you want to get another month of Netflix for free? It is possible to get Netflix 30 day free trial on the same credit card/debit card/PayPal, but we cannot guarantee that this approach will work for everyone, and it may take up to two months to appear. If you don’t mind waiting for a long time, this is the method to use.

Netflix occasionally sends e-mails to all users who canceled their Netflix subscription during the trial period and left for a month or more, asking if they want an additional 30-day trial to see whether the user would like to subscribe after watching new movies and shows. This will most likely happen after 2 to 3 months.


If you receive an e-mail from Netflix offering a free month trial, you can start your second trial by clicking the link provided in the e-mail. On the next screen, confirm the renewal of your free trial.

You can now use your favorite device to start a new Netflix trial. Also, don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.

Method #4. Talk to Netflix Hotline and ask them to extend your trial


Why are you waiting so long to receive another Netflix free trial invitation e-mail?
When you have a mechanism to ask them directly to extend your free trial beyond 30 days.
Also, we cannot guarantee that this strategy will work for you 100% of the time, but it does have a chance if you are lucky enough.

When your trial period is ready to expire, simply phone Netflix’s hotline and speak with a customer care representative, explaining that you did not make the most of the trial since you were too busy with work to watch.

That’s all there is to it! And, if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a free one-month trial period.

You can reach netflix customer support through call or chat

Special Tip! Using our 100% functioning customized version of the Netflix app, you can get free Netflix for life. This software can only be used if you have an Android device. You may use your Android phone to download and install the Netflix mod apk and watch Netflix without having to sign in. There is no need to create an account, and it is completely free to use!

Method #5. Netflix Cookies Today

Have you ever come across the term “browser cookies”? If you don’t know, cookies are little files made by a website that contains information about you, such as login information. Simply said, this is the method used by websites all over the world to authenticate and identify users, as well as auto-sign into websites where you’ve already registered in. Facebook is an excellent example. Once you’ve logged in to your account, the cookies will save your information locally in your browser and will be used to auto-verify your identity whenever you visit their website again. There are several browser extensions that allow you to share your browser cookies with everyone on the planet.

Netflix cookies work in a similar way to what I’ve explained about Facebook cookies. Anyone or anyplace in the globe might be the owner of a Netflix account. It doesn’t matter, but if they share their Netflix cookies, anyone who copies the cookie to their browser can instantly get logged into netflix on that person’s account without entering the username and password. After that, you should be able to watch whatever you want on Netflix for free.

When employing this strategy, however, you must exercise caution. Many blogs on the internet claim to be giving away Netflix cookies for free. Most of them don’t work, and I’ve personally tested the cookies shared by the blogs that showed up first in a google search for “Netflix cookies 2021.” If you have the patience to try each and every result to discover how lucky you are, then go for it.

Another disadvantage of using Netflix cookies is that Netflix does not permit simultaneous viewing on more than four screens. You won’t be able to play anything if the cookie has already been used by four persons and they are currently watching something on Netflix. All you can do now is wait and see if you are able to play the contents at a later time.

Method #6. Netflix Account Sharing

Netflix, unlike Spotify, does not provide a student or family discount. However, sharing a Netflix account username and password with your family and close friends can help you save money. A premium subscription, for example, can be shared by up to four people, while a Standard subscription can be shared by up to two people. As a result, if you acquire a Standard or Premium subscription, you can split the cost with friends or family.

You will be able to establish a profile for each member of your family on Netflix. This tool is used by Netflix to personalize your favorite shows, with genres based on the user’s preferences. The maximum number of profiles you can create is five.

The methods for creating a profile for people with whom you’ll be sharing a Netflix account are outlined below.

  • To begin, go to and log in to your account.
  • Choose your “Account icon“, located at the top right corner.
  • Choose “Manage Profiles“.
  • Choose “Add Profile“.
  • Give a name for the new profile, and select “CONTINUE“.
  • And then Choose “DONE“.

Important: You can’t have different passwords for different profiles. The new personas will also sign in with the same e-mail and password, and Netflix will inquire who is monitoring when someone logs in. And it will provide a list of the profiles that have been assigned to your account. To start viewing Netflix, the user must first choose a profile. If you must reveal your login information, only do it with family, friends, or someone you can trust.

Method #7. Get a Free Netflix account / Netflix Account Generator 2021

You can receive free items if you dig deep into the internet, but it will all depend on your luck because people adore free stuff. Several individuals are looking for free Netflix accounts on the internet, and many blogs are freely providing Netflix account login e-mail and passwords. We’re sorry to break your heart, but those accounts will never work because most users change their passwords once they create an account and continue to use Netflix while the account is still live.

 And if you fulfill their Human verification system, the so-called Netflix cookies, generator, Netflix cookies, hack tools, and certain blogs on the internet will give you a free Netflix account or tell you how to make a Netflix account without a credit card. To simply state that all of this material circulates on the internet is a complete fraud, if you see such websites, immediately return to your work and do not spend your time completing a survey to unlock your free account.

The following are the working Netflix premium account login e-mail and passwords, which you can try this Accounts:

Email Password olisoe234 6574y78 bellart646 reymondss2

Special Tip!

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Method #8. Group Buy Netflix for a cheaper price

Group buying Netflix can undoubtedly save you money, allowing you to get a premium subscription for as little as $4. We’ll explain how this group purchase will function. Because Netflix does not give any reductions on its subscription fees, you can always use its sharing feature, as we said previously. But what if you don’t have any Netflix-watching friends in your situation? How would you split the Netflix account and its costs? Will your Netflix experience come to a halt? No way, the Group Buy capabilities will come in handy in this situation.

Group buys platforms bring people together who are searching for a helping hand to split the cost of digital purchases. Depending on your location, there are lots of websites where you may get Netflix in bulk. You may find those websites by running a simple Google search for “Netflix Group Buy,” which will bring up a number of results. We do not endorse any of the sites in this category because they are subject to change and availability based on your location.

Note: When selecting a website, you must be cautious. Because a large number of bogus websites appear in the search results. Before you pay, it’s usually a good idea to look up consumer evaluations of the seller’s account and website on sites like Quora and Reddit.

We really hope that this post has assisted you in obtaining a free Netflix account. So, what do you have to lose? Netflix is available for download on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One. The Netflix website can be viewed in a browser on a PC or a Mac. Netflix allows you to view your favorite movies and favorite shows for free. We recommend reading our Tips & Tricks section for additional information like how to obtain Netflix for free forever! Don’t forget to share this information on your social media networks with your friends.

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