How To Fix Play Store Not Opening in SmartGaga

In this tutorial, learn how to fix Google Play Store not opening in SmartGaga.

How To Fix Play Store Stuck Error in SmartGaga Emulator

1. Launch SmartGaga Emulator on your PC.

Make sure you have latest version of SmartGaga Emulator.

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2. Install Google Installer APK in SmartGaga Emulator.

3. Install Google Play Games APK in SmartGaga Emulator.

4. Install Google Play Services APK in SmartGaga Emulator.

5. Install Google Play Store APK vin SmartGaga Emulator.

or you can download the file here.

Now you can launch Play Store on SmartGaga emulator.

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In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix Play Store not opening in SmartGaga emulator.

That’s about it.

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