How To Fix Facebook Dating Is Not Working

In this article, learn how to fix Facebook dating is not working.

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Online dating apps are all the rage in 2021, with a new app being released every week. Each one has its own charm or gimmick for attracting a devoted following. Facebook, the social media and networking firm that began as a site that displayed photographs of two people and asked users to choose the “hotter” one, did not hesitate to take a piece of the $3 billion dating industry. In September of 2018, they launched their own dating service, aptly dubbed Facebook Dating. This mobile-only service began in Colombia, then moved to Canada and Thailand in October of the following year, with ambitions to launch in 14 more countries. Facebook Dating made a grand entrance in Europe in 2020 and partially launched in the United States in 2019. 

It has a large user base thanks to the dating component included within the main Facebook application. For example, Facebook has a total user base of 229 million in the United States, with an estimated 32.72 million people using its dating tool. Despite its large user base and support from the ultimate digital behemoth, Facebook Dating has been plagued by issues. It could be that their software crashes frequently or that customers can’t discover the Dating option at all. In this article, we’ve outlined all of the possible reasons why Facebook Dating is not working on your device, as well as the solutions.


  • Fix Facebook Dating is not Working
  • How to Enable Facebook Dating?
  • Why isn’t Facebook Dating working and how to fix it?
  • Fix 1: Check Your Network Connection
  • Fix 2: Update the Facebook application
  • Fix 3: Turn on the Location Services
  • Fix 4: Restarting the Facebook Application
  • Fix 5: Restart Your Device
  • Fix 6: Facebook Dating isn’t available in your Location yet
  • Fix 7: You are not allowed to use Facebook Dating
  • Fix 8: Turn ON Facebook’s App Notification
  • Fix 9: Clear Facebook App Cache
  • Fix 10: Check if Facebook itself is down
  • Fix 11: Uninstall then Reinstall the Facebook app

Fix Facebook Dating is not Working

How to Enable Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating is available on iOS and Android devices in a few countries as of 2021. It’s relatively simple to enable and use this service because all you need is a Facebook account. To use Facebook’s dating service, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Facebook application and select the Hamburger menu in the top-right corner of your social feed.

2. Scroll down to ‘Dating‘ and tap it. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue.  

3. After you’ve completed the setup steps, you’ll be asked to share your location and choose a photo. Facebook will automatically generate your profile using the information on your account. 

4. Add extra information, photos, or posts to your profile to Customise your profile.

5. When you’re finished, press the ‘Done‘ button.

Why isn’t Facebook Dating working and how to fix it?

If you’ve already enabled it, there are a few reasons why Facebook Dating isn’t operating properly, including the following:

  • Inability to maintain a consistent and strong internet connection
  • The present version of the application has some flaws and needs to be updated.
  • It’s possible that Facebook’s servers are down.
  • On your device, notifications are disabled.
  • Because the cache data on your mobile device is corrupted, the program keeps crashing.
  • Your area does not yet have access to the dating service.
  • Due to age restrictions, you are unable to use the Dating service.

These reasons can be classified into three different categories:

  • For starters, if Facebook dating isn’t working after you’ve enabled it.
  • Then there’s the fact that the Facebook application isn’t working properly.
  • Finally, you are unable to use your application’s Dating feature.

Listed below are easy fixes that you can go through one by one until the problem is solved. 

Fix 1: Check Your Network Connection 

Although this is self-evident, users continue to underestimate the importance of a stable and fast internet connection. You can quickly rule out this possibility by double-checking your connection’s speed and strength (Ookla Speed Test). If you can’t connect to the internet, try troubleshooting your Wi-Fi network or contacting your ISP. If you have an active mobile data plan, restarting your phone is a great first step. 

Fix 2: Update the Facebook application 

It’s critical to keep an application up to date in order to take advantage of brand new and better features. More crucially, updates can correct problems that cause a program to crash frequently. They normally also resolve any security issues that are obstructing an application’s ability to perform properly. Thus, using the newest possible version of an application is a must for the best overall experience. 

Follow the steps below to see if the application has been updated on Android:

1. On your mobile device, open the Google Play Store app

2. Toggle between the Menu button and the Hamburger menu icon, which is generally found in the top-left corner.

3. Choose ‘My apps & games‘ from the drop-down menu.

4. On the ‘Updates‘ page, you can either click the ‘Update All‘ button to update all of your installed apps at once, or just click the ‘Update‘ button next to Facebook.

To keep the application up to date on an iOS device: 

1. Launch the built-in App Store app.

2. Next, go to the bottom of the page and tap on the ‘Updates‘ link.

3. Once you’re in the Updates section, you can choose to update everything or just Facebook by tapping the top-right ‘Update All‘ button.

Fix 3: Turn on the Location Services

Facebook Dating, like any other dating app, requires your location in order to show you profiles of prospective matches in your area. This is determined by your distance preferences and current geographic location, the latter of which necessitates the configuration of your location services. These are usually set up when the Dating feature is enabled.  If location permissions aren’t granted or the location services are disabled, the application can malfunction.

To enable location permissions on an Android device, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Settings menu on your phone and select ‘Apps & Notifications.’

2. Look through the list of apps until you find Facebook.

3. Select ‘Permissions‘ and then ‘Location‘ from the Facebook application details.

4. Make sure that location services are enabled in the next menu. If not, select “Allow all the time.”

Now check if you’re able to fix Facebook dating is not working. If not, then continue to the next method.

For iOS devices, follow this method: 

1. Open your phone’s settings menu from the home screen.

2. Look for the ‘Privacy‘ settings by scrolling down.

3. Tap to enable the ‘Location Services‘ setting if it is currently disabled.

Fix 4: Restarting the Facebook Application 

A few problems in the application may be to blame if you are suddenly unable to utilize Facebook Dating. Due to them, the app may have difficulties starting or operating properly. Restarting the application might hold the key to solving this problem. You can force stop from the settings menu or entirely close the application from the home screen.

Fix 5: Restart Your Device

Turning a device off and then on may appear to be an overly simplistic answer to many tech issues, yet it is surprisingly effective. Restarting the device clears off any background processes that may be interfering with the Facebook app.

Fix 6: Facebook Dating isn’t available in your Location yet

If you are unable to find the Dating section on Facebook, it may be because it is not available in your geographical location yet. Since its inception in Colombia in September 2018, it has expanded its services to include Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Europe, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Fix 7: You are not allowed to use Facebook Dating 

Only users above the age of 18 are allowed to utilize Facebook’s dating services. As a result, if you are under the age of 18, you will not be allowed to access Facebook Dating until you become 18.

Fix 8: Turn ON Facebook’s App Notification 

Facebook will not notify you of your activities if you have mistakenly disabled app notifications. If you’ve disabled all Facebook notifications on your smartphone, you’ll need to make an exception to fix this problem.

Follow the steps below to enable Facebook Push Notifications:

1. On your device, open the Facebook application and select the Menu option. Tap the ‘Settings and Privacy‘ button in the next menu.

2. Select ‘Settings‘ from the drop-down menu.

3. Under the ‘Notifications‘ area, scroll down to find ‘Notification Settings.

4. Here, concentrate on Facebook Dating-specific notifications and adjust which ones you would like to receive.

Fix 9: Clear Facebook App Cache

Caches are hidden temporary files that are saved on your device to help you move through an application faster. They are necessary for the proper operation of any application, but they can malfunction and cause the application to stop working. This is especially true when the cache files are corrupt or have amassed a large amount of data. Clearing these will not only free up some valuable storage space but will also improve your app’s load time and performance.

To remove cache files on any Android device, follow the steps below:

1. On your mobile device, open the Settings app.

2. In the settings menu, select ‘Apps & notifications.’

3. A list of all the apps installed on your device will appear; scroll through the list to find Facebook.

4. Tap on ‘Storage’ in the Facebook App Info screen to see how much storage space is being used.

5. Press the ‘Clear Cache‘ button. Examine the Cache size to see if it is 0B.

To clear the cache on an iPhone, follow these steps: 

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. You’ll get a list of all the apps you have installed; scroll down to find Facebook and tap it.

3. Turn on the ‘Reset cached Content‘ slider in the app settings.

Fix 10: Check if Facebook itself is down

If you can’t connect to Facebook at all, it’s possible that the massive social network has collapsed and is unavailable. Servers crash from time to time, causing the service to go down for everyone. Visiting  Facebook’s Status Dashboard is a certain way to discover a crash. If the page appears to be in good health, you can rule out this scenario. Otherwise, you have nothing to do but wait until the service is restored.

Alternatively, search for #facebookdown on Twitter and pay attention to the timestamps. This will allow you to see whether other users are experiencing the same problem.

Fix 11: Uninstall then Reinstall the Facebook app

This may appear severe, but it is actually quite useful. There may be an issue with the application’s settings at times. As a result, reinstalling the application is practically like starting over.

The simplest way to uninstall the program is to long-press on the app’s icon in the app drawer and select uninstall from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, go to the Settings menu and uninstall the program from there.

To reinstall, go to the App Store on an iOS device or the Google Playstore on an Android device.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix Facebook Dating is not working:

We hope you found this tutorial to be useful and that you were able to fix Facebook Dating Is Not Working problem. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below.


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