How To Fix Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error on Messenger

In this tutorial, learn how to fix Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error on Messenger.

When we get a message on Facebook Messenger that includes a link to a video, photo, or article, we frequently see the phrase Facebook Attachment Unavailable — It’s possible that this attachment has been deleted, or that the person who shared it with you didn’t have permission to do so. Here’s what occurs and what you can do about it.

How To Fix The Facebook Attachment Unavailable Error

Why it’s happening?

As the name says, the Facebook attachment inaccessible error denotes one of the following scenarios.
The attachment, whether it’s a video, photo, or article post, has either been removed or you don’t have permission to access it. When it comes to permission, it’s possible that it’s because the attachment was configured to only be viewed by friends of the uploader, and you’re clearly not one of them.

If this is the case, the only thing you can do is ask the uploader to modify the attachment’s privacy settings.

What is privacy settings for an uploaded attachment or post?

Once you upload a photo, video, or a link to an article, you may limit who can see it to a certain group of individuals. Friends only, friends of friends, family, public, only me, or custom for a larger group of individuals. This is what we referred to as a post’s or attachment’s privacy settings.

Thus, if you’re the uploader and want your friends’ friends to be able to see your uploaded stuff when they share it, make sure you set it up properly. The choice of friends of friends is suffice in this situation.

It’s also worth noting that the privacy settings of the post can be different from the privacy settings of the uploaded photos or videos.

Let’s pretend you’ve posted a photo that’s only visible to your close pals. Then you upload this photo to your Facebook wall as a post, with the privacy settings set to public. When you or a friend share this exact post to any Facebook Messenger group, the original photo’s private settings take effect, and the Facebook Attachment Unavailable error persists.

Share content from a Facebook Group vs Public Facebook Pages

This is no longer possible to see or exchange material from a Facebook Group unless both parties – the sender and the recipient – on Facebook Messenger are members of the group. If you are the only member of the Facebook group and share a post from this group to your Facebook messenger group, it will always appear as a Facebook Attachment Unavailable error for everyone in the messenger group who views it.

However, you may share any post from a public Facebook page with your Facebook messaging group. Your friends in the group will be able to see it if the uploader’s privacy option is set to public.

Uploader or Facebook removed the photo or post

When you share a post with an attached photo that has already been deleted by the owner or Facebook, it will appear in your Messenger group as a Facebook attachment unavailable error. If the attachment is non-existent, even the person who shares it will get the same error.

This is frequently the situation when a popular post that violates Facebook’s rules gets extensively shared before Facebook decides to take it down and delete it. The Facebook Attachment Unavailable issue will appear once the post has been shared in any messaging group.

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