How To Fix COD Warzone Error Code 6 Or Diver

When playing COD Modern Warfare or Warzone, do you get the unpleasant error code 6 and DIVER? The whole error message is as follows: “Download Failed. Download has failed. Do you wish to retry? Error code DIVER. If issues persist, please contact Activision support quoting the error code.” We’ll show you how to fix this problem in this post.

What does Code 6 in Call Of Duty Warzone mean?

Call Of Duty Warzone error number 6 indicates that the game client is unable to download and install an update. It has largely been seen among COD Warzone PC players, though there have been a few Xbox One and PS4 users that have had the same problem.

Both errors, 6 and DIVER, appear to have the same cause, which is a failed update, and so have the same set of possible fixes. Some PS4 users have reported receiving Error Code 6 after successfully downloading an update, thus it could be a random error.

Causes of COD Warzone error 6

The following are some of the possible causes of error code 6 when playing COD Warzone.

Failed game or system software updates.

Activision hasn’t given any indication as to what the real cause of error code 6 and DIVER is. We discovered that the common denominator of both issues had something to do with updates after scouring the web and forums. Some users get the error before the update is finished, while others get it after the updates have been installed.

Fault in PC or console network settings.

Error number 6 can also be triggered by a problem with the network setup or settings on your computer or console. Switching from wifi to cellular data, according to some players, helped them fix issue number 6 on their PC.

Corrupted game files.

Damaged game files can cause a variety of issues, including specific errors. If the error persists after you’ve installed the latest updates and changed your network settings, you should consider removing and reinstalling the game.

How to fix COD Warzone error code 6 (DIVER)

In both Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, error code 6 and DIVER have been observed. Follow the steps below to correct any of these issues.

Method 1: Check for server issues.

Although error code 6 is not usually caused by a specific server problem, if you get this error during an update, you should check for any ongoing server troubles. To find out if there is a current server outage or maintenance, go to the official Activision support page.

If there are any troubles with the servers, wait until later to download the update and see if the COD Warzone error code reappears.

Method 2: Power cycle your router.

Unavailable network equipment could be the source of COD Warzone error code 6. Make that your modem or router is turned off, unplugged from the power source for 30 seconds, and then plugged back in.

Method 3: Disable the Windows Firewall.

Turning off your Windows Firewall is another solution if you’re playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone on PC. Disabling the firewall may be beneficial, particularly if the game client is unable to connect to the server.

After you’ve completed this troubleshooting step, make sure the Windows Firewall is turned.

Method 4: Download the update via a hotspot or cellular data.

Some gamers who encountered the COD Warzone problem code said that they were able to resolve the issue on their own by switching to cellular data instead of the standard internet connection. So, if you regularly connect your PC, PS4, Xbox One, or any other console to your wifi, try downloading the game or system update again using a cellular data connection.

Method 5: Delete and reinstall COD Warzone.

If none of the other suggestions have worked, you may want to try removing and reinstalling the game.

Remember that this is an extreme approach because it necessitates downloading the full game, including updates, which is over 100GB.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix COD Modern Warfare and Warzone Error Code 6:

Hope something helps you.

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