How to Delete Duplicate Files from Google Drive Automatically

In this post, learn how to find and delete Google Drive duplicate files and Photos all at once.

Google Drive is cloud storage where you can save videos, images, documents, archives, and other files too. It offers a minimum of 15 GB of storage, and you can upgrade that to 1 TB.

But Google Drive doesn’t include any features to find duplicate files. Duplicated files can waste quite a lot of your Google Drive storage space, thus this tutorial is how you can delete them.

Clone Files Checker is freeware software that allows you to easily locate and remove duplicate files from your system disk and cloud storage. So, it’s a utility you can delete duplicate files from Google Drive with.

How to remove duplicate files in Google Drive

1. First, download and install Clone Files Checker on your computer.

Download Clone Files Checker click here.

2. After that, launch Clone Files Checker and go to the Cloud Scan tab.

3. Choose a drive or folder on the left of the window to scan.

4. On the right, you can choose All Files to scan all the files. Alternatively, choose Custom to select more specific file types to scan.

5. Next, click the Start Search button. A brief scan will display you duplicate files in the selected Google Drive folder.

6. Now click the Select Duplicates button to open the menu directly below. That includes a few options for you to choose duplicate files with such as Retain newest files in each group.

7. Click an option on that menu to select duplicate files.

8. Click Select Action to open the window below. Then you can choose Permanent Delete to remove the selected duplicate files from Google Drive.

9. You can also choose a Move Items to Trash Folder check box so the duplicates can be restored. Then click Continue to erase the files.

10. Open Google Drive in your browser. It will no longer include the duplicated files you removed with Clone Files Checker.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to remove Google Drive Duplicate Files using Clone Files Checker:

Hope something helps you.

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