How To Delete a Discord server

In this tutorial, learn how to delete a Discord server that you own, using the desktop or mobile app.

If you own or created a Discord server, it’s easy to uninstall it. Deleting a server can often be completed in less than a minute. If you’ve enabled two-factor authentication, you’ll need to know your “Auth code”.

Here is how you can uninstall a Discord registry using either the Mac and PC desktop software or the iPhone and Android smartphone version.

How to uninstall a Discord server via the desktop program

1. First, launch Discord on your Windows PC or Mac OS and access the server you choose to uninstall.

2. Right-click the name of the server situated at the top-left of the page.

3. In the dropdown menu, select “Server Settings“.

4. On the left sidebar, click on “Delete Server“.

5. There’s a pop-up. If you allow two-factor access, enter the name of your server (it will be entered at first), or a six-digit authentication code.

6. Click on “Delete Server“.

Checkout this video to illustrate this guide:

You may still pass your ownership to another person if you no longer wish to remove the server. In order to do so:

1. Open your server settings again, but instead of “Members” select “Delete Server“.

2. It lists each member of the server. Hover over the name of the person you want to own and press on the three points on the right.

3. Click “Transfer Ownership“.

How to uninstall a Discord server from the mobile program

1. Open the Discord and browse on the server you choose to uninstall on your iPhone or Android device.

2. Switch to the top right and press on the top of the panel, to open the sidebar.

3. Tap on the gear icon on the right in the pop-up that emerges.

4. Select “Overview“.

5. Click “Overview” at the bottom of the “Delete Server” tab.

6. To confirm you want to delete the server, press “Yes” tap. You would need to enter the authentic code contained in the Authy or Google Authenticator software if you have double-factor authentication enabled.

Hope something helps you.

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