How to Create an Apk From an Installed App on Android?

How to Create an Apk From an Installed App on Android?


An Installer file, which is similar to a zipped file that extracts its contents when executed, is required to install any program. A.dmg file is used by Windows to execute a program installation procedure, whereas a .exe file is used by MacOS. When it comes to Android, .apk files are required to install apps on your device. However, there is no installer file downloaded when installing from the Google Play Store or other Android app shops such as Amazon and Samsung. This tutorial will show you how to produce the installed app’s .apk file in simple stages.

Many websites provide .apk files for applications, however, installing apps from third-party app stores always raises security concerns. When it comes to downloading apps for your Android smartphone, Google Play Store may be the safest bet. Once you’ve downloaded and tried an app from the Google Play Store, you can be confident that it’s genuine. The next step is to produce an.apk file of this program from the installed version on your phone, which can be done with the help of a third-party application called App Country Finder, which was created by Systweak Software.

How To Create An Apk From An Installed App On Android

There is no method to produce an apk from an installed app on an Android phone manually. As a result, you’ll need to download Software Country Finder, a third-party app accessible on the Google Play Store. The following are the actions to take to do this:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the App Country Finder app, or click the download link below.

Download App Country Finder from Google Play store

Step 2: After the app has been installed, open it by tapping on the shortcut icon that has been created.

Step 3: When the app is first started, it takes some time to scan your smartphone and create a list of apps installed on it.

Step 4: When the scan is finished, a list of all apps will appear on the screen, grouped by country of their origin.

Step 5: Next to the app you wish to backup, click the upward-facing arrow, which will build an apk from the installed app.

Step 6: Using the File Explorer app on your phone, copy/move the.apk file to another device.

The Software Country Finder app makes the process of creating an apk file very straightforward.

Why Should I Use App Country Finder App To Create Apk From Installed Apps?

A few apps on the Google Play Store may have the same ability to create apk files from installed apps. So, why should you download the App Country Finder app? The solution to this query can be found in App Country Finder’s feature section.

Free To Use. The cost of any software today is the most crucial feature, and App Country Finder gets top marks for being both free and safe. It is simple to use and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

App Origin Country. The App Nation Finder was created with the intention of providing information about the app’s native country on Android devices. Due to political tensions and other factors, it may be necessary to determine the country of origin of an app before installing it, and this app is the tool to do so.

List of Apps Installed. Another advantage of App Country Finder is that it allows an  Android user to see a list of all the apps loaded on his or her phone. You won’t be able to identify by looking at your home screen’s shortcuts.

Uninstall App. Lastly, without having to seek the unrequired app on the home screen, this software allows users to delete/uninstall an app that is not required, redundant, or installed by mistake from within the app itself.

Apart from that, as previously stated, this program is the quickest and easiest way to produce an apk from an Android app that is already installed. The user interface is simple, with a list of programs grouped by country of origin and an uninstall and backup option next to each app.

In this video, we are gonna show you howto extract apk file from installed app on Android:

The Final Word On How To Create An Apk From An Installed App On Android?

App Country Finder is a fantastic app that you should have on your Android smartphone. It’s free to use and can identify the country of origin, as well as uninstall and create .apk files of installed apps. Anyone may use the app because it has a straightforward UI and is simple to use. What’s more, you can ask for these features, which are all accessible for free.

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