How To Convert WebM To MP4 using VLC Media Player

In this post, learn how to convert WebM to MP4 without losing quality using VLC media player.

The VLC media player can play and recognize almost any video format, including WebM video file. Moreover, it can convert them to something more universal, such as MP4. Here are the steps:

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How To Convert WebM To MP4 Using the VLC Player Without Losing Quality

1. Visit this source to download VLC. Next install VLC Media Player on your computer.

2. Launch VLC Media Player.

3. On the upper-left corner, click the Media tab and select Convert/Save from the resulting drop-down menu.

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4. Click on the Add button and choose the WebM video file you wish to convert to MP4 on your PC. Once it’s selected, click on the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the window.


5. Specify your desired video format — in this case, we suggest, H.264 + Mp3 (MP4) — using the drop-down menu beside Profile. Clicking the tool icon (next to the drop-down menu) will also enable you to further fine-tune your settings. Specify under Destination where you would like VLC to export your file.


6. After that, click Start to start conversion.

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VLC Media Player will start converting the WebM file to MP4 format.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Convert WebM to MP4 using VLC Media Player

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