How to Convert EXE to APK

With the recent rise of Android devices, laptops and PCs are soon becoming obsolete. The smartphone’s small size, along with its high processing capability, makes it an excellent PC substitute. Many customers, however, find it difficult to convert sophisticated PC software into compressed Android applications. If you want to expand the capability of your smartphone by running PC software on it, here’s a guide that will figure out how to convert EXE files to APK.

What are APK and EXE files?

Every piece of software requires a setup file to make the installation process possible. This single setup file installs the software while also creating all of the files required for the app’s smooth operation. On a Windows device, the setup file has a .exe extension and is referred to as an EXE file, but on an Android device, the extension is .apk, and the file is referred to as an APK file. Despite the fact that the two formats are completely different and were built for completely different platforms, developers all over the world realized the need to be able to convert EXE files to APK files. Continue reading to learn how you can accomplish the same.


  • How to Convert EXE to APK (Windows files to Android)
  • Method 1: Use the EXE to APK Converter Tool on Windows PC
  • Method 2: Use Inno Setup Extractor on Android

How to Convert EXE to APK (Windows files to Android)

Method 1: Use the EXE to APK Converter Tool on Windows PC

Converting your file from EXE to APK is simple with the EXE to APK converter. Because the domain hasn’t been fully explored, the EXE to APK converter utility is one of the few PC programs that can assist with the conversion.

1. Download the software onto your PC.

2. Extract the files from the archive.

3. Because the application does not require installation to run, Click on the application to open it.

4. When the app’s interface appears, select ‘I have a portable application’ and then click Next to continue.

5. You’ll be presented with a dialog asking you to choose a destination folder. Navigate and Select a destination folder, then tap on OK.

6. Select the EXE file you wish to convert after you’ve selected it. Once the desired file has been selected, click Ok.

7.  Click on Convert after the file has been chosen.

8. After the conversion is finished, look in the destination folder for the converted APK file. To install and run it, transfer it to your Android device.

Method 2: Use Inno Setup Extractor on Android

The Google Play Store has the Inno Setup Extractor software, which can extract EXE files and reveal all of their components. If you’re a developer looking for specific files in an EXE setup, Inno can assist you in extracting those files and modifying the modules in order to create an APK. Here’s how you can use the Inno Setup Extractor:

1. Download the Inno Setup Extractor Application from the Play Store.

2. Open the application and select both the destination folder and the EXE file you want to extract.

3. Tap the Blue Button in the bottom right corner of the screen once both options have been selected.

4. The operation will take some time, but once completed, all extracted EXE files will be saved in the destination folder you specified.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can we convert EXE to APK files?

Although it is theoretically feasible to convert EXE files to APK, this is frequently not the case. EXE files are designed for a completely different operating system, and converting them to APK is a very difficult task. As a result, a number of apps have been developed to mimic Windows software. If you are unable to convert the file, search the internet for an Android application that performs the same functions as the Windows software you were attempting to convert.

Q2. How do I convert EXE files to APK files?

You may make the conversion of EXE to APK easier by following the instructions above and utilizing special software designed to convert such files. On the other hand, you can use emulators like Bluestacks to run Android apps on your PC.

We hope you found this tutorial useful and were able to convert EXE to APK. If you have any further questions about this article, please post them in the comments area.

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