How To Convert ASPX To PDF

In this tutorial, learn how to open any ASPX file, or convert ASPX to PDF.

How To Open Any ASPX File (Convert ASPX To PDF): Computers, phones, and other devices are excellent storage devices that can hold a large amount of data and files in a variety of formats depending on their intended use. The.docx file format, for example, is used to create documents, whereas the.pdf file format is used for read-only documents that cannot be modified. Furthermore, if you have any tabular data, it will be in.csv format, and if you have any compressed data, it will be format, and any file written in language will be in ASPX format, and so on. Some of these files can be opened directly, while others must be converted into another format in order to be accessed, and ASPX format files are one of them. ASPX files cannot be opened directly in Windows and must first be converted to PDF format.

ASPX file: ASPX is an Active Server Pages (ASP) extension. Microsoft was the first to develop and introduce this. A file with the ASPX suffix is an extended active server page file for Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework. The ASPX file extension is used instead of other extensions such as.html and.php on Microsoft’s and other websites. A web server generates ASPX files, which include scripts and source codes that instruct a browser on how to open and display a web page.

Because Windows does not support the ASPX extension, you will be unable to open files with the .aspx extension. The only way to open this file is to first convert it to a format that Windows recognizes. ASPX extension files are commonly converted to PDF format since the .aspx extension file can be read simply in PDF format.


  • How to Open Any ASPX File in Windows 10
  • Method 1: Rename the file ASPX file
  • Method 2: Convert the file into PDF file

How to Open Any ASPX File in Windows 10

The.ASPX file can be opened in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below:

Method 1: Rename the file ASPX file

If you try to open .aspx file and Windows says it can’t, there is a simple method you can do to open this type of file. Simply change the file’s extension from .aspx to .pdf and you’re done! Because the PDF file format is supported by Windows, the file will now open in PDF reader without any problems.

Follow the instructions below to rename .aspx file to a.pdf file:

1.Before you rename any file, make sure that your computer is set up such that you can see the extension of any file. To do so, follow the instructions below:

a. Press the Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialog box.

b. In the Run box, type the following command.

Control folders

c. Either click OK or press the enter key on your keyboard. A dialog box will show below.

d. Move to the View tab.

e. Uncheck the box corresponding to Hide extensions for known file types.

f. Tap on Apply button and then tap on OK button.

2. Now that you can view the file extensions for all of your files, right-click on the .aspx extension file.

3. Choose Rename from the right-click context menu.

4. Now change the extension from .aspx to .pdf

5. You’ll see a warning that altering the file’s extension may make it unusable. Choose Yes.

6. Your file extension will change to .pdf

Now that the file is in the PDF format, which Windows supports, you can open it. The file’s information can be read or viewed without any problems.

The above procedure does not always work because simply renaming the file can corrupt its contents. In that case, you should consider the alternatives we’ve discussed below.

Method 2: Convert the file into PDF file

Because ASPX is an Internet media type document, you may read and open it on your computer using modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and others by converting it to a PDF file.

To view the file using a web browser, go through the steps below:

1.Right-click on the .aspx extension file.

2.Click Open with from the menu bar that displays.

3.Select Google Chrome from the Open with context menu drop-down menu.

Note: If Google Chrome does not display, pick “Choose another app” and browse under Program file then choose Google Chrome folder and finally choose the Google Chrome application. 

4.Click on Google Chrome, and your file will now open in the browser locally.

Note that you can use any other browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

You can now see your aspx file in any of the Web browsers that Windows 10 supports. However, if you want to see the aspx file on your computer, you must first convert it to pdf format, after which you may view the contents of the aspx file with ease.

Follow the steps below to convert the aspx file to a pdf:

1.In Chrome, open the aspx file and then press Ctrl + P to bring up the Print page pop-up box.

2.Now choose “Save as PDF“ from the Destination drop-down.

3. Tap on Save button marked with blue color after choosing Save as PDF option to convert the aspx file into a pdf file.

After you’ve completed the steps above, your aspx file will be converted to a pdf file, which you can open on your PC and view.

You can also use online converters to convert the aspx file to a pdf file. Although the conversion of the files may take some time, you will receive a downloadable pdf file. These are some of the online converters:

To use these online converters to convert an aspx file to a pdf, simply upload your aspx file and click the Convert to PDF button. Your file will be converted to PDF depending on its size, and you will see a download option. Your PDF file will be downloaded when you click it, and you can now quickly open it in Windows 10.

So, by converting ASPX to PDF and using the methods above, you can easily open any ASPX file by converting ASPX to PDF. However, if you still have any questions about this guide, please post them in the comments area below.

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