How to check Bluetooth Adapter version in Windows 11/10

Bluetooth is one of the most popular methods for sharing data between a mobile device and a computer, however many Bluetooth versions are not compatible, causing problems connecting and transferring files. While most Smartphones today support Bluetooth 4.0 or above, you won’t be able to transmit files unless your Windows 11/10 PC supports Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

For those unfamiliar, Bluetooth 4.0 is an enhanced version of Bluetooth technology that maintains interoperability with other devices while enhancing the capability. Because it is supported by small battery-operated devices, it is sometimes known as a low-energy form of Bluetooth.

Not everyone is aware of their device’s Bluetooth profile version, which is quite significant. However, we can simply check the Bluetooth version manually, and there are certain applications that can assist you in checking the Bluetooth version on your Windows 11/10 PC.

Find Bluetooth Version in Windows 11/10

The device manager makes it simple to check the Bluetooth version of your Windows 10 PC.

To launch the Start Menu, press Win+X and then pick Device Manager.

There are various Bluetooth devices listed under Bluetooth.

Right-click on your Bluetooth brand and select Properties.

Check the firmware version in the Advanced tab. Your PC’s Bluetooth version is indicated by the LMP number.

The LMP version table is shown below.

  • LMP 9.x – Bluetooth 5.0
  • LMP 8.x – Bluetooth 4.2
  • LMP 7.x – Bluetooth 4.1
  • LMP 6.x – Bluetooth 4.0
  • LMP 5.x – Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
  • LMP 4.x – Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • LMP 3.x – Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
  • LMP 2.x – Bluetooth 1.2
  • LMP 1.x – Bluetooth 1.1
  • LMP 0.x – Bluetooth 1.0b

Isn’t this a piece of cake? However, if you don’t want to open a lot of tabs to check the Bluetooth version, you might want to use a third-party application instead. If you don’t want to go into device manager to check the version, Bluetooth Version Finder is a good option.

Bluetooth Version Finder

It’s a straightforward tool that comes as a zipped file. Simply download and run the utility, and it will immediately display the Bluetooth version and name of the Bluetooth device connected to your computer. It is a portable freeware that may be installed on any of your computers.

Download this utility to see what Bluetooth version your Windows 11/10 PC is running here.

Check this video for more help:

That’s about it.

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