How To Change Video Thumbnail In Windows 10

Most people look at the thumbnail of a video before watching it. The audience’s attention will be drawn to the video thumbnail if it is appealing. The thumbnail should be relevant to the video’s theme while also conveying its importance. As a result, a compelling thumbnail is required for your video.

However, most users may find the procedure of changing the video thumbnail on Windows 10 to be difficult. You should carefully set the video thumbnail because it will be useful in a library with many media assets. You don’t need to be concerned because you can complete this assignment by following the correct path and stages.

The Necessity of Changing Video Thumbnail on Windows 10

You do not specify the thumbnail as the maximum case when you download or receive any video clip. The system will automatically assign a thumbnail to the video as you download it. Then, if necessary, replace the thumbnail with a proper image. You can also receive a video file from a friend or acquaintance.

The sender may have customized the video thumbnail to his or her liking. If you choose, you may alter the thumbnail of the video file after getting it. The following are the requirements for modifying video thumbnails:

  • To pique the audience’s interest in the video
  • Changing the thumbnail, it will be simpler to locate the precise file in a library with many media files.
  • For correctly describing the video content

How To Change Video Thumbnail In Windows 10

Changing the video thumbnail on Windows 10 is a straightforward operation. Many folks become panicked because they are unaware of the proper procedure. You can complete your task by following the proper path and steps. The following are the steps to altering the video thumbnail:

Step-1: Download and Unzip the Tag Editor

To begin, you must first download tag editor, a third-party program. You can grab it from the tag editor’s website; make sure to acquire the zip file as well. Depending on the Windows version, several versions of the tag editor will be available. Download the download that is compatible with your laptop or desktop’s version of Windows 10.


After you’ve downloaded the file, save it anywhere on your screen where you can readily access it. The zip file should then be copied and pasted into a new folder. The following step is to unzip the file using any third-party unzipping software.

Step-2: Locate the Video and Select the Thumbnail Image

Your computer file should contain the video for the thumbnail you want to modify. Then, in the “Files” area, look for the video. Following that, you’ll need a picture for the video’s thumbnail. You must select an image that defines the video file’s content.

The image you select for the movie thumbnail must be present in the files as well. On Windows 10 devices, it will be required when updating the thumbnail image. When you update the video thumbnail, it also changes the video thumbnail in VLC.

Step-3: Open the Tag Editor

You’re ready to start modifying thumbnails now that you’ve found the video and selected the thumbnail image. You must first launch the tag editor on your laptop or desktop. To do so, navigate to the file directory where the tag editor zip file was unzipped.

The unzipped file will appear alongside the downloaded zip file. The tag editor software tab will appear once you click on the unzipped tag editor file.

Step-4: Import the Video to Tag Editor

You must import the video file after starting the tag editing software on your PC. There will be a file choice at the top-left side of the tag editor tab, which you should select. A little file window will emerge; from there, select the video and click “Open.”

The video will be labeled as “MP4 Video,” and you should carefully choose it. The video file will then appear on the tag editor page.

Step-5: Import the Thumbnail Image 

The option to add an image can be found on the right side of the tag editor window. When you click “Add,” a little file window will emerge. Press “Open” after selecting your desired thumbnail image from the “File” section.

Step-6: Save and Close the Tag Editor Tab

You must save your work after importing both the image and the video into the tag editor page. The tag editor window will include an option bar at the bottom. From there, select “Save,” and then select “Close” to exit the tag editor tab.

Step-7: Checking

After you’ve completed all of these steps, go to the video file location and click the “Refresh” icon. For various glitch situations, you may encounter the picture thumbnails not showing the windows 10 problem. If you refresh once or twice more, the new video thumbnail should appear appropriately.


How can I remove the thumbnail from any MP4 video file?

First, open your computer’s tag editor, and then import the appropriate mp4 video file. If the video contains a thumbnail image, it will be displayed to the left of the screen when it has been imported. Next to it, you’ll find an option labeled “Delete,” which you should select to remove the video thumbnail.

What to do when the video thumbnail is not showing?

Because of software issues or a lack of space, the thumbnail of the video may not appear. If there isn’t enough space on the hard drive, remove any superfluous files before refreshing the video location. Hopefully, the thumbnail for the video will be displayed correctly at that point.

Easily change a video file thumbnail in Windows 10 with this step by step video:


The identity of the content of an mp4 video file is contained in the thumbnail of any video. Setting a decent thumbnail image for the video is critical for capturing the attention of the audience. As a result, select an image that complements the video content and then alter the video thumbnail windows 10.

You may believe that the process of changing thumbnails is difficult. However, this is not the case; by following the correct technique, you may complete the task quickly. You can use the appropriate path to put your own image as the video thumbnail. Finding the specific file from the middle of a library with several media files will be beneficial.

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