How to Boost Gaming Performance on Your Android Phone

In this article, learn how to optimize your Android phone to make it more game-friendly.

These eight simple steps will show you how to boost gaming performance on your Android phone.

Did you know that you can change several settings on your Android phone to make your games run faster? Most of these gaming optimization methods for Android are simple to implement, and you don’t even need root access to do so.

Let’s look at some of the most effective methods for making your Android phone more game-friendly.

How To Improve Gaming Performance in Android Phones

FIX 1. Change the Screen Refresh Rate

The greater the screen refresh rate, the smoother the animations and the better the visual feel of your games.

You can modify the screen refresh rate on many Android handsets, including top models from Samsung and OnePlus. You may substantially improve the visuals of your games by changing this to the maximum setting available on your phone.

Here’s how to boost the refresh rate on phones that enable this capability (not all phones do):

1. On your phone, navigate the Settings app and tap Display.

2. Choose Advanced on the resulting screen.

3. Choose Refresh rate.

4. Choose the highest possible refresh rate from the options on your screen.

FIX 2. Switch to a Fast Internet Connection

When you play online games on your Android phone, the speed of your internet connection has an impact on how well you play. This is due to the fact that your games must constantly transmit and receive data. This data transfer will take longer if your internet connection is slow. As a result, your game experience suffers.

As a result, if you want your online games to run as smoothly and without lag as your offline games, make sure you have a fast internet connection.

Any connection that is fast enough will suffice. It could be a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, especially if 5G is available.

FIX 3. Turn On Force 4x

Some Android phones include a Force 4x option that substantially improves the quality of your games. Most phones have this feature disabled since it quickly depletes the battery.

You can enable this feature if you aren’t concerned about battery life and want the finest possible gaming experience on your phone.

Keep in mind that Force 4x isn’t supported by all phones. If yours does, follow these steps to make it work:

1. Open the Settings app, hit About phone, and then seven times tap Build number. You should be able to see on your phone that you’re a developer.

2. Return to the main settings menu and select System from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Developer options.

4. Toggle on the option that says Force 4x MSAA.

FIX 4. Remove the Junk From Your Phone

The more files you have saved on your phone, the slower it becomes.

If you have any files on your phone that you don’t intend to use, you should delete them to optimize the efficiency of your phone. This increased efficiency will have a favorable impact on your gaming experiences.

Your Android phone gets garbage from a variety of sources. This garbage includes leftovers from uninstalled apps, old media files, and unused documents.

Many Android phones include a built-in capability that allows you to locate and safely delete unnecessary files. Here’s how to locate and utilize this feature:

1. On your phone, go to Settings and then Storage.

2. To free up space, press the Free Up Space button.

3. Select the items you no longer use and press Free Up in the bottom-right corner.

5. Enable Dolby Atmos Sound

Your Android phone gets garbage from a variety of sources. This garbage includes leftovers from uninstalled apps, old media files, and unused documents.

Many Android phones include a built-in capability that allows you to locate and safely delete unnecessary files. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Settings app on your phone, and choose Sounds and vibration.

2. Choose Sound quality and effects on the following screen.

3. Toggle Dolby Atmos on.

6. Use a Game Booster App

As the number of individuals who play games on their Android phones grows, there are now apps that can help you optimize your Android smartphone for gaming.

These game booster apps alter numerous settings on your phone to ensure that it can play games smoothly, as well as turning off alerts so you aren’t distracted while playing. You won’t have to manually optimize each choice because the software will do so for you with just one swipe.

Game Booster is a free app that allows you to optimize your Android device for gaming. There are a few game launchers for Android that you may utilize as well.

7. Use a Phone Gaming Accessory

You may improve gaming on your Android device by changing the hardware as well as the software.

You can acquire an external game controller, for example, to play games on your phone. This controller will aid you in better controlling your actions in games.

The majority of gaming accessory items are simple to set up. They start working as soon as you plug them into your phone.

8. Overclock the Phone CPU

Lastly, for the true mobile gaming fan, something more hands-on. Overclocking your phone’s CPU allows you to get more power out of the same chip. This allows your games to handle more items at once, resulting in a better gameplay experience.

On most Android phones, the CPU may be overclocked. However, before you can overclock your phone, you’ll need to root your phone. If you don’t know what root is, it’s advised not to attempt it because you risk bricking your device.

You must first install a modified kernel on an Android phone before you can overclock it. Then you may overclock your CPU with a program like the renowned Franco Kernel Manager. Overclocking will make your phone run hotter and reduce battery life, but it will extract every last ounce of power from it.

Optimize Android for Gaming

If you use your Android device as your primary gaming machine, the suggestions above will help you boost the performance of your games. With a few changes here and there, your device will be able to handle all of your favorite games better.

There are a lot of games to pick from on Android, and some of them don’t even require an online connection.

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