How To Block Ads In YouTube on iPhone

When was the last time you saw a daily television show? Don’t panic if it takes you a while to come up with an answer; you’re not alone. Almost two billion people on the globe, like you, watch Youtube every day. Online viewing is far superior to conventional programming in that it allows you to not only pick what and what you watch, but also eliminates the need to pay for it.

Wait, of course, we are paying — by watching numerous ads all the time! This is similar to traditional television nowadays. Furthermore, each Youtube video receives its own set of advertisements. Since they are so brief, it is no longer clear if we are watching more real content or more commercials. Ads are always unskippable, and even though you plan on watching a long film, you won’t be able to avoid them: they’ll appear in the middle of the broadcast. Purchasing the most recent and most costly Apple model is also ineffective.

That’s most likely why you come across this post. We already know a few forms to avoid YouTube advertisements on iPad and iPhone, which is fortunate for you. Let’s launch this ad-blocking party!

Types of YouTube Ads in 2020

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese general, would say, “Know thy enemy.” There are no YouTube commercials in his home country anymore. And there is no YouTube in China. However, it is important for us to identify the kinds of advertising that the video streaming network serves to Apple customers so that we can counter them more effectively. There are five in total:

  1. Skippable video ads. This is the kind of advertisement you’ll see in any video. It can last up to half a minute, but you can miss it after 5 seconds of viewing. It’s possible to reveal it before, after, or after the video.
  2. Non-skippable video ads. This kind of advertisement lasts more than 15 seconds and does not have a skip button. It impacts people who are not logged into their Google Account in particular.
  3. Midroll ads. These commercials are usually paired with lengthy YouTube videos. They are interspersed in the performance (normally, after 10 minutes) and cannot be skipped.
  4. Bumper ads. YouTube’s shortest video advertisements are seen here. While bumper ads cannot be skipped, they only last for 6 seconds before the show resumes.
  5. Content-embedded ads. Ads of this type are served not by YouTube but YouTubers. They come integrated into the video itself so you can’t do much more than just manually scroll through the timeline. YouTubers, not YouTube, are the ones that serve these ads. You can’t do anything more than manually click through the timeline because they’re built into the video itself.

We won’t tell you how to get rid of the content-embedded advertisements (other than changing your preference channels), so you should block all other advertising. What is the mechanism? The solution is determined by the amount of money you’re willing to put in as well as your technological abilities.

How To Block Ads In YouTube on iPhone

Get rid of Ads with Premium YouTube Account

The simplest option is still the most expensive: a YouTube Premium membership costs $11,99 per month. With this paid monthly package, you can watch all YouTube videos without being interrupted by advertisements. It also has other advantages:

  • Offline mode for watching pre-downloaded video clips (e.g. on the plane);
  • Background mode for listening to the music when the screen is off;
  • Unlimited access to Google Music content and the app;
  • Exclusive shows and series from YouTube Originals;
  • It works for iOS, Mac, PC, and even TV within one account.

Does this sound appealing to you? Then see whether you qualify for a free one-month trial or one of the reduced subscription plans (Family or Student). If you use YouTube often, not only to watch videos but also to listen to music from your fancy AirPods, YouTube Premium is certainly a choice worth considering.

There are, however, other options to get rid of YouTube advertising without spending too much money. We’ll go through them in more detail later.

How to Block YouTube Ads on iPhone in Safari

The latest iPhone and iPad versions arrive with the pre-prepared software. This includes Safari, Apple’s web explorer, which now has a Block Pop-ups option. The usefulness of Block Pop-ups is restricted to blocking harmful and untrustworthy ad scripts from being downloaded when browsing the Internet. It can be useful in certain situations, but it is not suitable for viewing YouTube videos. The platform’s video advertisements are legal, so they’re included in the Block Pop-ups whitelist.

Fortunately, there are a few third-party ad-blocking applications found on the AppStore that can assist you with this. Ad blockers of this kind are intended to delete all ads from a web page as requested by the consumer, regardless of the ad type and origin. When an ad blocker is activated on an iOS device, it must be added to the list of Safari Content Blockers to be allowed. Simply obey the steps below:

1. Open your device Settings and select Safari;

2. Scroll down and switch Block Pop-ups ON;

3. Tap Content Blockersand find the app you’ve just installed;

4. Use the toggle to switch this blocker on;

5. Restart your device and launch Safari again.

The number of ad-blocking applications available on the AppStore can be confusing, as these programs all seem to be very similar. However, not all of them are equally successful. AdLock is an excellent option if you want an app that mixes dependability, simplicity, and a low price.

How to Stop YouTube Ads on iPhone with AdLock 

Because of the nature of its technology, AdLock is clearly the best YouTube ad blocker for iPhone and iPad. Unlike Safari Block Pop-ups or other third-party advertisement blockers, it does not have a pre-filled whitelist of “good” advertisements. AdLock immediately blocks all kinds of advertisements on YouTube after activating it in the Safari settings. When using AdLock, you can see a pure white screen with a Skip button instead of some ads; however, the video usually plays without interruptions. It’s that easy!

AdLock filters can block not only YouTube advertising and pop-ups, but all web ads and pop-ups. Consider how much better mobile web surfing can be without nagging banners and distracting advertisements, and then consider the other AdLock benefits, such as:

  • Protection of your confidentiality online;
  • Security system against malware and spyware;
  • Huge list of Safari-specific filters;
  • No need for “jailbreaking” your device;
  • Complete freedom of adjustment.

In addition, there is a deal that allows you to buy a single AdLock license for 5 devices at a significant discount. You will rely on this for reliable ad blocking not only on your mobile device, but also on your Mac, PC, and Android. From iPhones and iPads to every Android-powered smartphone or notebook, there are no YouTube ads to be seen!

Does Pi Hole Block YouTube Ads on iOS?

Pi-hole is a Linux open source adblocker released in 2014 for those unwitting. It was originally designed for low-power networked computers, but supports any Linux operating system hardware.

If you ask if the YouTube advertisements are blocked by pi-hole, the short answer is NO. Reddit provides extensive material on this subject with regard to the long response.

Skip Ads Automatically on YouTube with App

An application that activates the “skip” button automatically also reduces the ad content that you see on YouTube. There are today many production firms that sell ad skippers, such that you might have seen names such as ‘Cygery AdSkip,’ ‘Ad Skipper on YouTube,’ and so on.

Basically every business ad skipper is a macro script that starts the sequence of acts while the advertisers monitor the advertisements by virtually clicking the “Skip ad” button or any user manual actions.

You should not need to hustle and crack the device’s operating system to accept that a basic macro script does not require access to code. The downside to these applications is that you’re always going to have failures in YouTube videos because a delay is created between the commercial launch and the “Skip” button.

Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

Download YouTube videos to your cloud is the most easy way to view them without advertisements. Why does this happen? That is because without dynamically integrated commercial material you have downloaded the first video file.

When you go to the places with little or bad Internet, downloading videos is helpful. Personally, I do not think there is a reasonable excuse for travelers to use the telephone as an amusement outlet, but not baked all bread on an oven. However, before you start a trip, you have the option of downloading hundreds of videos from YouTube.

To download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPad, follow these steps below:

  • Visit this site to download the Documents by Readdle application;
  • Press the compass icon to open the browser;
  • Visit this page;
  • Copy the link of the YouTube video you need and paste it in the text box;
  • Tap on “Download”;
  • Select the output format and quality of the video to download, then tap “Download” next to it;
  • Type of file name and select the destination folder;
  • Navigate to the “Documents” app home screen and open the “Downloads” folder;
  • Choose the video file you want to save to your hard drive and tap the “” on it;
  • Press “Share” and then tap “Save Video”.

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How to Block Ads in YouTube App on iPhone  

Okay, so we’ve talked about web browsers, so what about the YouTube firmware app? Mates, I have bad news: the native YouTube app is now an impenetrable fortress wall on both iOS and Android. None of the famous ad blockers on the market will yet clean up the YouTube app. Nonetheless, some of them provide alternative tools for ad-free YouTube entertainment. As a result, if you don’t want to look at new alternatives and just use the native YouTube software, a YouTube premium membership is the only safe way to exclude advertising from the YouTube iOS app.

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It is a personal option for anyone to pay the monthly payment for using Premium or keeping YouTube on a web-browser. There is one thing that’s obvious: advertisements will track us everywhere online until there’s no ad blocker to fight against.

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