How to Batch Convert PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) to PDF in Windows 11/10

How to Batch Convert PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) to PDF in Windows 11/10

This article explains batch convert PowerPoint presentations in bulk on a Windows 11/10 computer. This article will assist you if you have many PowerPoint files (PPT or PPTX) that you wish to convert to PDF at the same time. We’ll go over how to batch convert PowerPoint to PDF in this article. The batch conversion helps you save time and effort. In this article, we will discuss some free programs that may be used to convert multiple PPT or PPTX to PDF. Let’s have a look.

How to Batch Convert PowerPoint to PDF in Windows 11/10

On Windows 11/10, you can batch convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF using the free tools and websites listed below:

  1. Soft4Boost Document Converter
  2. 7-PDF Maker
  3. AVS Document Converter

Let’s take a closer look at the converters mentioned above.

Convert PPT or PPTX to PDF

1] Soft4Boost Document Converter

In Windows 11/10, you can use this freeware called Soft4Boost Document Converter to batch convert PowerPoint to PDF. It is a dedicated free batch document converter that allows you to batch convert many sorts of documents. PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX, PPS, and PPSX) can be converted to PDF and other file formats such as DOC, DOCX, Images, and so on. It even allows you to preview the original PowerPoint presentations before converting them.

How to batch convert PowerPoint (PPT) to PDF in Soft4Boost Document Converter:

In this free document converter program, below are the procedures to convert numerous PowerPoint presentation files to PDF documents:

  1. Soft4Boost Document Converter can be downloaded and installed.
  2. Start the program.
  3. Multiple PPT and PPTX files can be imported.
  4. Choose PDF as the output format.
  5. Configure the PDF output options.
  6. Press the Convert Now button after entering the output location.

Let’s have a look at the above-mentioned conversion stages!

To begin, install the Soft4Boost Document Converter on your computer. Then, open the software’s primary interface.

Now, go to the Add Files tab and import a few PowerPoint files into this freebie. On the main interface, you’ll be able to see the content of the source files. It allows you to zoom in and out as well as browse between PPT slide pages.

Select the To PDF option from the Output Format section on the right-hand panel. After that, you can customize the output choices, such as adding a watermark and password-protecting the PDF.

Finally, specify the output folder and then click the Convert Now button to begin the batch PPT to PDF conversion.

You may get this useful program by clicking here.

2] 7-PDF Maker

You can bulk convert PPT to PDF with 7-PDF Maker, a free PDF creation software. It allows you to batch convert a variety of file formats to PDF documents, including Word, Images, Excel, and others. As it interacts with the File Explorer, you can access this freeware from the right-click context menu.

How to batch convert PowerPoint to PDF from right-click context menu using 7-PDF Maker:

You can use 7-PDF Maker to convert several PowerPoint presentations to PDF using the right-click context menu:

  1. Download and install 7-PDF Maker.
  2. Start the GUI of this software.
  3. Set up the output PDF configurations.
  4. Navigate to the PowerPoint files.
  5. Choose the input PowerPoint files.
  6. Right-click on the files.
  7. Tap on the Create PDF (7-PDF) option to batch convert.

Let’s go over these stages in more depth right now!

To begin, download and install the 7-PDF Maker software on your PC running Windows 11/10. The primary interface of 7-PDF Maker can then be used to configure settings for the output PDFs. It allows you to customize image settings, PDF security settings, page ranges, tagged PDFs, export bookmarks, and create PDF/A-1 documents, among other things. Click the Save Changes button once you’ve finished customizing these parameters.

Now open File Explorer and navigate to the PowerPoint source files. Then, using the right-click menu, choose the PPT or PPTX files you want to batch convert.

After that, from the context menu, select Create PDF (7-PDF), and the batch PowerPoint to PDF conversion procedure will begin. The output PDFs are saved in the same folder as the source files. is where you may get this PDF maker.

3] AVS Document Converter

To convert numerous PowerPoint files to PDF in Windows 11/10, use AVS Document Converter. It’s a batch document converter that lets you convert PPT and PPTX files to PDFs in bulk. You may also convert RTF, TXT, XPS, DOCX, DOC, DjVu, FB2, MOBI, EPUB, TIFF, and other document types to PDF. It allows you to split documents into multiple files or merge all input files into a single output. As a result, you can either convert all PPTs to individual PDF files or combine them into a single PDF document.

The key stages for batch converting PPT or PPTX to PDF with AVS Document Converter are as follows:

  1. Download and install AVS Document Converter.
  2. Open the software.
  3. Import PowerPoint presentations.
  4. Select PDF as export format.
  5. Configure output PDF settings.
  6. Tap the Convert Now button.

Simply download and install AVS Document Converter, then run it on your computer. To add all of the source PowerPoint files that you want to convert to PDF, click the Add Files button. The files can be viewed because it has a built-in document reader.

After that, from the left-hand panel, choose PDF as the output format and adjust the Format Settings. It allows you to apply a watermark to the output PDFs as well as a password.

Lastly, specify the output location before pressing the Convert Now button to begin the bulk conversion process.


You can use to batch convert PPT to PDF immediately from a web browser. It’s an online program that allows you to batch convert files to PDF. You can rotate PDF pages, merge PDFs, unlock PDFs, edit PDFs, and much more with it. Let’s take a look at how you can batch convert numerous PowerPoint presentations to PDFs.

How to batch convert PPT to PDF online:

The basic methods for converting multiple PowerPoint presentations to PDF online are as follows:

  1. To begin, open a web browser.
  2. Now go to this page and log in.
  3. Next, select the PowerPoint files that will be used as a source.
  4. After that, choose PDF as the export format.
  5. Then select Convert files independently as the conversion mode. Select Merge as the mode if you wish to combine all of the input files into a single PDF.
  6. Now you may customize various output features including compression, headers and footers, PDF security, and more.
  7. Finally, click the Convert button to begin the batch PPT to PDF conversion.

You’ll be able to download the produced PDFs after the conversion is complete.

5] is another online program you may use to batch convert PowerPoint to PDF. It’s a simple web service that allows you to convert PDF files as well as use other PDF tools like Merge PDF, Split PDF, Compress PDF, Protect PDF, Repair PDF, Rotate PDF pages, and more. Let’s have a look at how to use it to execute batch conversions.

  1. To begin, open a web browser.
  2. Then go to to get started. Make sure you’re on the PDF to PowerPoint page.
  3. Select PPT or PPTX files saved locally or input files from a URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  4. Set up optional PDF settings such as the PDF version and the deskew option next.
  5. Finally, press the Convert button to convert PPT to PDF in batches.

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the PDFs that result.

How do I save multiple PowerPoint slides as one PDF?

In Windows 11/10, you may quickly save many PowerPoint slides into a single PDF. Use the Microsoft PowerPoint program for this. Simply open your presentation file with many slides and select File > Export from the File menu. Set the output format to PDF and save the entire presentation as a multi-page PDF.

Can you convert multiple files to PDF at once?

Yep, you can convert many files to PDF at the same time. We’ve included various free software and online resources that can help you convert numerous files to PDF at the same time. You can utilize Soft4Boost Document Converter or AVS Document Converter, which we covered earlier in this article, to convert multiple document files to PDF. Free websites like and also allow you to batch convert multiple files to PDF documents.

How do I combine PDF files in Windows 10?

On Windows 10 OC, you can use a third-party program to combine PDF files into a single document. To combine or merge PDFs, use free websites and apps like PDFSam, PDF24 Creator, Combine PDF, or iLovePDF. To combine PDF files, you can also refer to this guide.

That concludes our discussion. I hope you found this post useful in bulk converting PowerPoint to PDF in Windows 11/10.






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