How to Add AdBlock to Google Chrome App for Android

If you do not want to see Ads at all while browsing, you really have a choice of blocking ads using popular Adblock solutions. In this post, we would specifically talk about using ad blockers on Google Chrome browser for Android, which is also known as Chrome for Android.

How To Install Adblock Extension in Chrome on Android

Use the native Ad block option available in Chrome for Android

1. First, launch the Google Chrome app on your Android phone, tap on the three horizontal dots that appear on the top right-hand side.

2. Then select Settings.

3. Go to the Advanced section.

Keep scrolling until you find the Ads option. Now you can use the toggle button to Enable or Disable the Ads.

Use Opera mobile as an alternative to Chrome for Android

If you’re users who don’t like seeing Ads, we would recommend you try Opera mobile app. It comes with an ad blocker built into the app itself, which is also enabled by default.

Download Opera Browser from Google Play store

Add the Adblock Chrome extension to the Yandex Browser/Kiwi Browser

They are a handful of browser apps available in the Play Store that support Chrome extensions.

Thus, you can add any Chrome extension to one of the browsers called Yandex Browser or Kiwi Browser.

1. First, install the Yandex Browser or Kiwi browser from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the Yandex browser or Kiwi browser.

3. Then search for Adblock Chrome Extension and install it.

So these were a few of the methods you can try to block ads on Google Chrome for Android. I hope you find this post useful.

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