3 Methods To Fix Windows Update Error 8007000e

Windows Update error 8007000e is a very common problem lately. If you are facing the error code 8007000e while looking for updates via Windows Update, then may the Windows update store folder is corrupted and you need to re-created it. In this tutorial, I will share you a few methods how to fix this error 8007000e.

Windows Update Error 8007000e

Windows could not search for new updates 8007000e

Fix: Windows Update Error 8007000e

Method 1: Install The KB3102810 update

Note: Make sure that the Firewall and Anti-virus is turned off first.

Install Internet Explorer 11 & KB3102810 Update

Step 1. First of all, you need download and install Install Internet Explorer 11 by click here now. Then restart your computer.

Step 2. Next, you download the KB3102810 Update by visit this site (Do not install it yet)

Step 3. Restart your computer.

Step 4. Now you install the KB3102810 Update then restart your computer.

Re-create the SoftwareDistribution folder

Now, you need to re-create the SoftwareDistribution folder. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 5. Open Windows Services control panel by pressing Windows key + R, then type services.msc and tap OK.



Step 6. In the Services window, you need to find the Windows Update service, right-click it and click Stop.

Windows Update

Note: Don’t close the services window, proceed to the next step 7.

Step 7. Next, you go to C:\Windows folder. Then look for SoftwareDistribution folder and detelte it.

SoftwareDistribution folder

Step 8. Now you come back to the Services window. Right-click on Windows Update service and click Start.

Windows Update Start

Step 9. Finally, restart your computer and check if the the error code 8007000e resolved.

Method 2: Using System Update Readiness

Step 1. Download the System Update Readiness tool according to your Windows version.

Step 2. Then you launch it.

Step 3. When the installation is finished, yoy restart your computer and check if the the error code 8007000e resolved.

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Method 3. Repair Windows System Files

Step 1. First of all, you open Command Prompt Run As Administrator

  • Click Start.
  • In the Start Search box, type cmd, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  • If the UAC dialog box appears, you click Yes.

Step 2. In command prompt window, you type sfc /scannow and tap Enter.

Repair Windows System Files

Step 3. Once the System File Checker repairs the Windows System Files, you restart your computer and check if the error code 8007000e fixed.

Hope something helps! If you have any other Windows and Office related issues you can check for the solution in my Windows fix section.