FIX: WD My Passport Ultra not detected in Windows 10

It’s popular to use Western Digital (WD) products for storing the huge amount of your files such as videos, music, photos, and more. However, many users have reported that their connected desktops and laptops don’t detect the WD My Passport Ultra drives. So, the drive doesn’t appear and is not recognized in Windows 10 File Explorer.

These are a few methods to making your WD Passport external hard drive detected again.

How to fix WD My Passport Ultra Not Showing Up or Detected

Method 1. Connect the Drive With Alternative USB Cable

To begin, try connecting My Passport Ultra to your Windows PC with an alternative USB cable. It might be the case that the USB cable is faulty. If so, changing the cable will probably fix the problem.

You can also connect the My Passport Ultra drive with an alternative USB slot. Many users have complained that the drive is recognized when they connect it via USB 2.0 slots, but it isn’t detected when connected with USB 3.0 ports. Hence, the problem might be due to one of the USB controllers.

Method 2. Check the status of your Drive with WD Drive Utilities

Plug the WD external hard drive into the desktop or laptop using the USB cable. Follow steps here to check the file system on the My Passport Ultra with WD Drive Utilities.

1. Visit this site to download WD Drive Utilities for Windows.

2. After installing the software, connect the My Passport Ultra HDD to your computer.

3. Open WD Drive Utilities and select the My Passport Ultra drive to click Run Drive Status Check.

Method 3. Adjust the Path and Drive Letter for WD My Passport Ultra

Windows might detect My Passport Ultra when you change its drive letter and path. Here are the steps:

1. Press Windows Key + R then type “diskmgmt.msc” in the Run dialog box. Click OK to open Disk Management.

2. Then, right-click the WD My Passport Ultra drive on the Disk Management window and click the Change Drive Letter and Paths option.

3. To assign a drive letter, click Add and choose the Assign the following drive letter option. After that, choose a drive letter from the drop-down menu.

or you can click the Change button to choose an alternative drive letter. Click OK to apply the new drive letter.

4. Restart your system.

Method 4. Update USB Controller and WD My Passport Ultra Device Drivers

Refreshing device drivers can fix devices that aren’t recognized. In this case, you might need to update the My Passport Ultra drivers and USB controller. Driver updater software offers an easy method to scan for antiquated or corrupted drivers that need updating.

Driver Easy detects and updates millions of drivers. So that’s one of the best software for updating drivers.

See more: Download Driver Easy For Windows

When you launch Driver Easy, it will scan for and list drivers that need updating or replacing. The software lists drivers as outdated, missing, or faulty. It might list the My Passport Ultra HDD and USB controllers as devices with drivers that need updating. Click on the Update Now button to update the drivers.

Checkout this video to illustrate this guide:

Hope something helps you.

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