Fix: Trello Notifications Not Working

If Trello is a key part of your team’s collaboration plan, making it easier to complete work assignments, make sure the notification system is up to date.

This guide is for you if you don’t get any Trello notifications or don’t get them when you should.

Troubleshooting Trello Notification Issues on PC

Check your notification settings

Check your email notification settings if you’re having trouble receiving Trello notifications. If your notifications aren’t set to Instant, there may be a short delay between when you receive the notification in Trello and when you receive the email.

Change the email notification frequency by clicking on the notification bell.

Then, to receive notifications as soon as possible, choose the Instant option. If you don’t want to receive too many notifications, choose Periodically and you’ll receive one per hour.

Note: If you’ve already viewed the notification in the app, Trello won’t send you additional email notifications.

Check if you’re indeed a card or board member

If you aren’t receiving Due Date reminders, remember that you must be a member of that card or board in order to receive them.

Notifications are also sent out 24 hours before the deadline. As a result, there may be more than 24 hours till the deadline.

Whitelist Trello in your email settings

If you’re not receiving Trello email notifications, it’s possible that they’ve ended up in your spam folder. Make sure the emails from Trello aren’t marked as spam.

If the problem remains, add and to your contacts list. Ask your administrator to double-check your domain and email settings if you’re using a corporate email account.

Note: Go to notifications and send a test notification to your inbox to see if Trello email notifications are working properly.

Enable browser notification permissions

You may not be receiving Trello notifications in your browser because you have blocked desktop notifications.

Note: If you don’t have Trello open in a browser tab, you won’t get any desktop notifications.

Simply click the lock icon in your browser’s address bar and select Allow Alerts to enable Trello desktop notifications.

If you’re using a Mac, go to Preferences → Notifications and click on the Safari browser heading. Allow notifications from to be sent to you.

Trello Push Notifications Not Working on Mobile

First and foremost, ensure that Trello’s push notifications are enabled. Then, choose which activities will result in push notifications.

Trello provides a total of 15 different actions from which to pick. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get any notifications if something happens if you didn’t choose a certain sort of action.

How to configure Trello push notification in Android

1. Select the Settings option.

2. Select the Push Notifications settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Toggle on the switch for each action category you want to be notified about.

4. Save your modifications.

How to configure Trello push notification in iOS

1. Select the Notifications tab from the drop-down menu.

2. Choose the Settings option.

3. Choose which actions you’d want to be notified about and save your settings.

Additional troubleshooting steps on mobile:

If you’re still having problems with notifications, try the following:

  • You should clear your cache.
  • Close any apps that are currently running in the background.
  • Check to see if a new version of the Trello app is available and download it to your device.

With the help of this advice, we hope you were able to resolve the Trello notification issue.

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