Fix: TiWorker.exe High CPU Usage Problems In Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users have reported that they faced trouble with this “Tiworker.exe” because it seems to take a lot of CPU usage (usually reaches 50% or 100%). This error prevents the user from watching a movie that requires a bit more hardware specs for example or playing a game.

TiWorker.exe High CPU Usage Problems In Windows 10

Tiworker.exe Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage

Let me explain first What is TiWorker.exe? TiWorker.exe is Windows Modules Installer Worker which is related to Windows Update. Usually, the error appears after an update has run. In this tutorial, I will explain in detail how to fix TiWorker.exe high Disk Usage problems on Windows 10.

How To Fix CPU Usage Issues From Tiworker.exe In Windows 10

Method 1. Remove malware and viruses

If you face this issue for the first time, there is a possibility of the virus infection. In this case, I recommened you should download and run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) from here. Scan your computer using MBAM and remove all found malware, and then check if the usage by the process TiWorker.exe has resolved.

Method 2. Run Windows Updates

In order to resolve the problem with TiWorker.exe, you will need to perform a manual check for updates in Windows Updates and install them. You can follow these steps below:

Step 1. Press Window key + I then select Update & Security.
Step 2. From the left side of the window, click on Check for updates.
Step 3. Lastly, restart your system and check if you still have this problem.

Fix: TiWorker.exe High CPU Usage Problems In Windows 10 - method 2



Method 3. Run System Maintenance

If you are getting this problem, I highly recommended you to run System and Maintenance Trobleshooter and then check if that helps.

Step 1. Press Window key + X then select Control Panel.
Step 2. Then you click Troubleshooting.
Step 4. From the top left corner, click View All.
Step 5. Scroll down and click System Maintenance.
Step 6. Click Next to let the troubleshooter run. After it has finished, check to see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Fix: TiWorker.exe high Disk Usage problems in Windows 10 - method 3

Method 4. Turn off updates for Windows 10

If all above methods don’t help to solve the issue and TiWorker.exe is still loading your CPU heavily, I suggest you should try to turn off updates in Windows 10. All you need to is stop and disable two services: Windows Update (wuauserv) and Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller).

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R then type services.msc and press Enter.
Step 2. Locate Windows Update (wuauserv) and double-click it.
Step 3. Switch to General tab, you select Disabled then click Stop to change the Windows Update.
Step 4. To finish click OK and close Services window.

disable and stop Windows Update (wuauserv)

Do the same for Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller).

stop and disable Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller)

You can watch this video below how to fix high disk usage by TiWorker.exe on Windows 10/8.1/8:

Hope this helps you. Thank you for reading how to fix TiWorker.exe high CPU Usage in Windows 10 on Windows Free Apps.