FIX: “Shift+2” / @ key Not Working on Windows 10 Keyboard

Many times you may find that your Windows 10 PC or laptop’s keyboard and mouse is not functioning properly. For example, many times a combination or a certain key of the keyboard may stop functioning all of a sudden.

One such error is the “Shift+2” / @ key not working on Windows 10 keyboard. Usually, we all are using shift+2 for typing @ symbol. Some computer won’t let you type @ symbol. Instead, when you press shift+2, it will give you a quat symbol (“). @ key is very important for those who are using emails and internet. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem on Windows 10.

How To Fix “Shift+2” / @ key Not Working on Windows 10 Keyboard

Method 1: Through Language Settings

Step 1: Click on the Start button, and type Language. Then select “Language settings” on the result.

Step 2: The Language settings window appears, go to the Language section. In the right side of the pane, you will see the already installed languages under Preferred languages.

Now, you have to install the English (United States) language. To do that, click on the + symbol next to Add a preferred language option.

Step 3: Next, type English in the search field and scroll down to search for English (United States). Double click on it to install the language.

Step 4: Next, check the box next to Set as my display language and click on Install button.


Step 5: Moving on, select the language – English (United States) and click on the Up arrow to set it as the default language. This will move English (United States) to the top of the list.

Step 6: You can now select the other language – English (United Kingdom) and click on the Remove button to delete this language.

This should fix the issue. If you are having issues installing English (United States), follow the 2nd method.

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Method 2: Through Services

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R then type “services.msc” in the Run dialog box. Click OK to open Windows services list.

Step 2: In the Services window, locate Windows Update. Then double-click on it to open the Properties window.

Step 3: In the Properties window, under the General tab, go to the Startup type section and set it to Automatic or Manual. Click on Apply.

Step 4: After that, click on the Start button. Click on OK.

Now, you should be able to install the language in the Settings app, properly.

Now when you press the Shift + 2 keys at the same time on your keyboard, it will generate the @ symbol.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix “Shift+2” / @ key not working in Windows 10:

Hope something helps you.

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