FIX: Mouse pointer or cursor disappears in Windows 11/10

In this tutorial, learn how to fix mouse pointer disappears or not showing in Windows 11, and Windows 10/8.

Many Windows 11, 10 users have claimed that the mouse pointer vanishes when using their computer. This can be aggravating, but you can easily resolve the problem with the troubleshooting feature. Because this issue could be caused by out-of-date drivers, make sure they’re up to date.

Have you ever been cruising through Windows 11, Windows 10 when the mouse pointer mysteriously vanished?

You don’t need to be concerned because this problem has affected a large number of Windows users, and it is simply remedied.

When the operating system starts, you may lose your mouse pointer, or it may simply freeze while you are trying to surf the internet or perform work.

One of the most common reasons for this is that your operating system has experienced certain mouse driver issues and is unable to repair them after a reboot.

There are three alternatives to try to fix the mouse pointer, however keep in mind that certain laptops include a function key dedicated to enabling or disabling the mouse cursor.

The instructions that follow will show you how to prevent the mouse cursor from disappearing in the middle of your work.

Check the function key to determine if it is activated before proceeding with the alternatives below.

What to do if the mouse cursor disappears in Windows 11,10?

If your mouse cursor has gone missing or disappears on your Windows PC, then if you earlier enabled the Show location of pointer when we press Ctrl key option, you may press the CTRL key to make the cursor appear.

What’s more, here are a few suggestions you need to take a look at:

Make sure that your Mouse and other pointing devices drivers are up-to-date. If updating doesn’t work, Rollback the mouse driver via the Devices Manager.

– Download and install the latest release of Mouse and Keyboard Center from this source.

– Make sure that the Mouse battery is OK. Disconnect it and then reconnect it and check.

– Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options. Uncheck the Hide pointer while typing and check if it makes the problem go away.

– Press one of these key combinations and check if the get the cursor back – Fn+F3, Fn+F5, Fn+F9, Fn+F11.

– Run the built-in Hardware Troubleshooter.

– Scanning a computer for viruses and running an antivirus software to rule out the possibility of some malware causing this.

– Boot in Clean Boot State and check if the mouse cursor appears; if it does, then you need to troubleshoot further in this state.

If you’ve any queries, check this video:

That’s about it.

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