FIX: Google Meet Crashing and Freezing Issues

Try these methods to unfreeze your Google Meet experience.

Although Google Meet is currently one of the most popular video conferencing applications, it is far from ideal. Google Meet users have occasionally reported unexpected crashing and freezing issues. It’s understandably aggravating. It’s unclear why this happens because there’s no common denominator – such as a browser or operating system.

But you don’t have to lose your calm if this happens. Instead, try these solutions. Before you begin, rule out the chance that your problem is the result of a faulty internet connection.

Uninstall the Grid View Extension

Many users who require a grid view in meetings with more than 16 individuals have found the Google Meet Grid View extension to be a lifesaver. However, a recent update of the extension could be to blame for your Google Meet constantly freezing. So, if you have the extension installed on your browser, uninstall it for the time being, at least until the problem is rectified, and see if the issue disappears.

To delete an extension from Google Chrome, right-click on the icon and select ‘Remove from Chrome.’

Try a Different Browser Profile

An extension placed on your browser is frequently the cause of a freeze-out. If this is the case, you may quickly verify it by establishing a new browser profile without having to uninstall all of the extensions.

Click the ‘Avatar’ icon to the right of the address bar, then the ‘Add’ button to create a new browser profile. You can also meet in private mode or with a guest profile, but creating a new profile is preferable because you won’t have to repeat the permissions process every time you close the browser window.

Create the browser profile by giving it a name and choosing an icon for it that differs from your current avatar. This will help you distinguish the different browser profiles from the shortcut icon.

If Google Meet no longer freezes, the problem was very certainly caused by a browser plugin. If you want to figure out which extension is causing the problem, you can either install the extensions one by one on the new profile or attempt the opposite – uninstall the extensions one by one from the old browser profile to determine what’s causing the problem. Whatever makes you happy!

Clear Your Cache

If the issue wasn’t caused by a browser extension, try clearing the cache in your browser. In Google Chrome, pick ‘More tools’ from the menu by clicking the ‘More’ icon (three vertical dots) on the right side of the address bar.

A drop-down menu will appear. Choose ‘Clear browsing data’ from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear. Select Browsing history, cookies, and cache and click the ‘Clear data’ button.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

You may also try disabling Chrome’s hardware acceleration to see if it fixes the problem. By clicking the ‘More’ button (three vertical dots) on the address bar and selecting ‘Settings’ from the menu, you may access Chrome settings.

Expand the options under the ‘Advanced’ option on the navigation menu on the left, then pick ‘System’ from the expanded options.

Then off the ‘Use Hardware acceleration when possible’ toggle.

Google Meet Freezes when Sharing a Screen

Many people have reported experiencing a freeze-out issue with Google Meet. There is one specific issue if your Google Meet or browser stalls when you try to share your screen in a meeting — your video adapter. To be precise, an out-of-date video adapter. Browser problems can be caused by an incompatible video adapter.

Although Windows Updates updates your drivers automatically, there’s still a risk it missed a crucial update. In this scenario, you can manually verify and update your drivers.

Open the ‘Device Manager’ menu by right-clicking the Start button.

Now, in the list, look for ‘Display Adapters’ and click on it to expand the options. It’ll show you a list of your video adapters. Right-click the video adapter and select ‘Update Driver’ from the menu that appears.

On the next screen, choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’ If a newer driver update is available for the driver that Windows Update missed, Device Manager will download and install it.

When Google Meet stops in the middle of a call, it may be quite inconvenient, and rebooting your computer can only get you so far. To make problems go away, try these remedies.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix Google Meet Freezing when using Chrome:

That’s about it.

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