Fix: Error 0x80070666 when Installing Microsoft Visual C++ in Windows 10/8/7

If you encounter the Microsoft Visual C++installation error 0x80070666, here’s how to fix.

Many Windows users are getting the 0x80070666 error when trying to install Microsoft Visual C++ packages (usually C++ 2015 Redistributable) on Windows. The error message usually appears at the very start of the installation process. You can’t install the required Microsoft Visual C++ package when that issue happens.

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How To Fix Microsoft Visual C++installation error 0x80070666

Method 1. Uninstall Visual C++ packages already installed

1. Press Windows key + R and type “appwiz.cpl” in the Open text box and click OK. This will open the uninstaller Windows.

2. Inside the Programs and Features screen, find all your Microsoft Visual C++ Redist installations.

3. Right-click on every Microsoft Visual C++ Redist installation and click Uninstall.

4. Reboot your system after uninstalling the Visual C++ package.

Then try installing the Visual C++ package error 0x80070666 arises for.

Method 2. Repair the Visual C++ installation

Many users have also reported they’ve fixed error 0x80070666 by repairing downloaded Visual C++ installers. To do that, follow these steps:

1. In the Search bar type “cmd“, right-click Command Prompt and select the Run as administrator option on that menu.

2. Inside the Command Prompt, type the following command to change the directory to the one holding the file. For example, if the vc_redist.x64.exe is located inside the Download folder, then you’ll need to enter the following command to change to the relevant directory:

CD C:\Users\*YourUser*\Downloads

3. Next, type this command and press Enter:

vc_redist.x64.exe /uninstall

4. Now click the Repair button on the window that opens. Follow the on-screen prompts to repair your Visual C++ redist installation.

Method 3. Check for Windows updates

Error 0x80070666 can be due to pending updates that are already about to install the same C++ package that users are trying to install. Here are the steps to check for Windows updates:

1. In the Search bar type “update“, select Check for updates from the list of results.

2. After that, click the Check for updates button. Windows 10 will download pending updates.

3. Once every pending update has been installed, restart your computer.

Checkout this video to illustrate this guide:

That’s about it.

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