How To Install Sodium Mod In Minecraft To Boost FPS

In this tutorial, learn how to download and install the Sodium mod in Minecraft.

Sodium is a mod that can help players have better frame rates, less stuttering, and better graphics in Minecraft. If you’re using Fabric, it’s a mod or rendering engine replacement. Here’s how to install Sodium in Minecraft if you want to improve your gaming experience.

How to Download and Install Sodium in Minecraft

To download Sodium, go to and look in the Recent Files section for the Minecraft version you’re using, then click on the Download button. It sounds simple enough, but how do you actually go about doing it? Let’s get started straight now.

How to Install Sodium Mod to Boost FPS

If the Minecraft launcher is open, close it.

1. Make sure the Fabric loader is up-to-date and installed on your computer. You can find it here.

2. Now, copy the downloaded mod from the place where you saved it and paste it into your mods folder.

3. To find the mods folder, type %appdata% in the search bar on your computer.

4. The mods may be found here


If you haven’t used mods before, make a folder called “mods” and put all the mods there (lowercase).

5. To use Sodium, you don’t need to install anything else. This includes even the Fabric API. You don’t have to make new worlds to use the mod.


6. After you finish these steps, you can start Minecraft through the launcher.

7. Then, select Fabric from the drop-down at the bottom left. Click on Play button. Then you can use Sodium in Minecraft.

So, that’s how to get and use Sodium in Minecraft. A lot of time is spent working on compatibility with Minecraft’s new features.

Check this video for more help:

That’s about it.

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