Download and Install Windows Server 2022

I’ll show you how to download and install Windows Server 2022 in this post. Windows Server 2022 has been released by Microsoft and can be downloaded via MSDN and VLSC.

Microsoft’s latest server operating system is Windows Server 2022. Despite the fact that this is a new operating system, it is built on the solid basis of Windows Server 2019. The Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition enables you to take advantage of the cloud’s features to keep your virtual machines up to date while reducing downtime.

First, we’ll go through the new features in Server 2022, as well as how to download and install Windows Server 2022.

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Windows Server 2022 Installation Options

You have two installation options for installing Server 2022. Based on the information provided below, select an installation option.

  • Server Core — This is the installation option that is recommended. It’s a smaller installation that includes all of the core components of Windows Server and supports all server roles, but it lacks a local graphical user interface (GUI). It’s for deployments that are remotely managed using Windows Admin Center, PowerShell, or other server management tools.
  • Server with Desktop Experience — This is a comprehensive installation that includes a graphical user interface. This option has a larger footprint than server core and is the most popular among businesses.

Download Windows Server 2022 ISO

Microsoft provides a number of download alternatives for Windows Server 2022 ISO. Let’s take a look at all of the options for getting Server 2022 ISO media.

Download Server 2022 from Microsoft Evaluation Center

If you wish to sample Windows Server 2022, the Microsoft Evaluation Center is the best way to get the ISO media.

To avoid automatic shutdown, evaluation versions of Windows Server must be activated through the internet during the first 10 days.

Visit the Microsoft Evaluation Center to get Windows Server 2022, and you should see the following download options.

  • Sign up for a free Azure account
  • Create a Windows Server VM in Azure
  • Download the ISO
  • Download the VHD

Select Download the ISO to get the Server 2022 ISO file. Microsoft will ask you for some basic information. The following step is to choose a language and download Windows Server 2022.

Download Server 2022 from MSDN

You can download the Server 2022 ISO media if you have access to MSDN (Visual Studio Subscription). You can also generate a new key by selecting Get Key. Activate your Server 2022 installation using this key.

Click the Download button after selecting Windows Server 2022. Save the.ISO file for Server 2022 to your computer.

Additional downloads for Server 2022 can be found on the MSDN website. These are optional downloads that you can get and use dependent on your needs.

Server 2022 Additional Download Options Description
Windows Server 2022 Languages and Optional Features New Languages and Optional Features for Server 2022.
Windows Server 2022 Assessment and Deployment Kit The ADK for Windows Server 2022 includes all of the tools you’ll need to configure Windows Server images for large-scale deployment, as well as test the quality and performance of your system, its new components, and the apps that run on it.
Enterprise Windows Driver Kit (EWDK) for Server 2022 Large businesses can utilize the Enterprise WDK (EWDK) as an alternative to downloading and installing the SDK and WDK separately on each computer.
Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) for Server 2022
The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) is multipurpose test and measurement tool that can assist you figure out how well your hardware works with Windows. For PCs, the HLK provides test infrastructure.
Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Server 2022 The Windows SDK is a collection of headers, libraries, and tools that you can use to create apps for Windows.
Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Server 2022 The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) is a collection of tools for creating, testing, debugging, and deploying drivers for Windows Server 2022. Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF), Universal Serial Bus (USB), print, networking, and file system filters are among the technologies and driver models covered by the WDK.

Download Server 2022 from Microsoft VLSC

You can get the latest version of Windows 2022 Server if you work for an organization that has access to VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center). Use the search box to find the Server 2022 operating system and download the ISO media once you’ve logged in to the VLSC portal.

Caution: Do not download the Windows Server 2022 ISO from any other source than Microsoft’s official website. Although some websites may advertise that the download is free, it is not safe because the media may contain dangerous code.

Install Windows Server 2022

Let’s have a look at the processes for setting up Windows Server 2022. Server 2022 can be installed on a physical server or a virtual computer. Because Windows Server 2022 is a new operating system, I would recommend thoroughly testing it before deploying it, as it may cause compatibility difficulties with your existing applications.

I’m going to create a new Virtual Machine for Server 2022 and boot it from the Server 2022 ISO. Choose the languagetime and currency formatkeyboard or input method in the Microsoft Server Operating System setup. Choose Next

Select Install Now.

You’ll be prompted to input the Windows Server 2022 product key on the next screen. Click Next after entering the key.

I used the Server 2022 datacenter edition key, which is presumably why I only saw Datacenter options.

  • Windows Server 2022 Datacenter – If you choose this option, server 2022 will be installed but without a local graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Windows Server 2022 Datacenter (Desktop Experience) Install Server 2022, which has a graphical user interface for local use (GUI).

I’ll click Next after selecting Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience.

Click Next after accepting the terms of the Microsoft Software License.

Choose the installation type as Custom: Install Microsoft Server Operating System only (advanced).

Choose where you want Server 2022 to be installed on your hard drive. Next should be clicked.

The installation of server 2022 has started. To complete the installation, your server will reboot a couple of times.

You must first set the Administrator password before you may access the server. Choose Finish after giving your server a complex password.

Windows 2022 Server Build Number

Click Start > About my PC after logging in to the server 2022 with the administrator account. Under Windows Specifications, look for the following information.

  • Edition Windows Server 2022 Datacenter
  • Version 21H2
  • OS build 20348.169

20348.169 is the OS build for Windows Server 2022. The build number can also be found by using the Winver command on the server.

To rename the server, go to Rename this PC and give it a new name before restarting it.

Installing the latest Updates on Server 2022

Let’s apply the newest Windows updates when you’ve finished installing Server 2022. Select Update and Security from the Start > Settings. Check for updates by clicking the Check for Updates button. You should now see the most recent updates for your Server 2022. To begin installing updates, click Install Now.

Because this is the most recent version of the Server, you may not see many updates. However, in the following months, the server will receive some quality and functionality enhancements.

Enable Updates for Server 2022 in WSUS

You must enable the Server 2022 product if you use WSUS to deploy server updates.

Select Products and Classifications from the WSUS console’s Options menu. Now go to the Products tab and choose or enable Microsoft Windows operating system 21H2 under Windows. Apply and then OK.

Note – Windows Server 2022 = Windows Server 21H2. As a result, instead of Server 2022, you’ll see Windows Server 21H2 on the WSUS panel. Both are the same version of Windows Server 2022, which is 21H2.

After the updates have been synchronized, visit the WSUS interface and select All Updates. Type 21H2 and click Find Now in the Search box. That should bring up a list of all the updates for Windows Server 2022.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to download and install Windows Server 2022:

That’s about it.

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