Does my computer have Bluetooth? You can find out with these solutions

Do you have Bluetooth on your PC? Here’s how you can check:

Bluetooth may be extremely handy, and many PCs have Bluetooth built-in.

Users may be unaware that their device has Bluetooth capabilities, so we’ll show you how to check if your PC has built-in Bluetooth support in this post.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows you to connect your computer to external peripherals and gadgets.

So it’s essentially a protocol for connecting a desktop or laptop to Bluetooth devices without the use of cords.

Of course, you may still use cords to connect the devices, but if your Windows 10 PC supports Bluetooth, you can set up a wireless connection instead.

Whether you upgraded a Windows 7 laptop or desktop to Windows 10, it’s possible that you won’t be able to use Bluetooth. Here’s how to see if that’s the case.

Do you have Bluetooth on your PC? Here’s how you can check

  1. Check the Device Manager
  2. Check the Control Panel
  3. Check the Settings app

Solution 1 – Check the Device Manager

Device Manager is the simplest way to check for Bluetooth capability. To see if your computer has Bluetooth, simply perform the following:

1. To get started, hit Win + X key to bring up the Win + X menu.

2. On that menu, choose Device Manager to bring up the window seen in the screenshot below.

3. A Bluetooth Radios category is what you need to look for on that window. That information should be listed towards the top of the window.

4. If you can’t find Bluetooth Radios in the Device Manager window, go to Network adapters. It’s possible that Bluetooth radios will be displayed instead.

Solution 2 – Check the Control Panel

Another way to see if your device has Bluetooth is to look in the Control Panel for Bluetooth. This is a rather straightforward process that may be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Activate the Control Panel.

2. Next, go to the Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center.

3. To open network connections, you should now click Change adapter settings.

There should be a Bluetooth Network Connection available there. If it isn’t displayed there, your laptop or desktop isn’t equipped with Bluetooth.

Solution 3 – Check the Settings app

If you don’t like Control Panel, you should know that the Settings app on your PC can check Bluetooth availability. This is a rather straightforward process that may be accomplished by following these steps:

1. Another approach to check Bluetooth settings in Windows 10 is to launch the Settings app. Select Settings from the Start menu button.

2. To open the Devices window, click Devices.

3. You should be able to pick Bluetooth > More Bluetooth options if you have Bluetooth.

Those without Bluetooth can use a Kinivo BTD-400 USB dongle to add it to their desktop or laptop. You can connect it to a USB port on your computer or laptop.

Broadcom Bluetooth drivers should already be installed on Windows 10 and Windows 8. However, drivers for earlier Windows systems must be manually downloaded and installed from manufacturer websites.

Then, by clicking a Bluetooth system tray icon, you can add devices.

In this vdieo, we are gonna show you how to check if your computer has Bluetooth in Windows 10:

That’s how you can see if your Windows computer has a Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth devices are far more versatile, therefore a USB dongle is well worth the money.


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