How To Mute Discord On Obs [Best Guide]

How To Mute Discord On Obs:- Many streamers now use Discord to interact with their friends or teams while they are streaming. Discord is primarily designed for gamers who want to use voice chat while playing games, but it is also being used by a large number of other individuals. In today’s world, many broadcasters … Read more

Best Live Wallpapers for Windows 11

The new Windows 11 operating system is highly customisable. You can change it to fit your preferences and interests. Changing the wallpaper on your Windows 11 PC is the simplest method to personalize it. For Windows 11 users, there are a plethora of wallpaper alternatives. Live wallpapers, on the other hand, are included by default. As … Read more

Fix Wireless Display Install Failed Error in Windows 11/10

Windows 10 has a number of useful wireless capabilities because WiFi is so commonplace today. With Wireless Display, you may wirelessly stream media items like movies, videos, and images to devices that accept them. This is one of Windows’ best wireless capabilities. Windows 10 users will, however, have to use the Wireless Display application to do so. It’s possible to fix the wireless display install failed error in Windows 10 if you run into problems during installation; see the options provided below.

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How To Setup Miracast For Windows 11

Miracast is a feature that most devices now have. It lets you connect your devices wirelessly to a screen. You’ll be able to connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to your TV or wireless monitor so that you can watch movies and play games. Using this method, there is no need for an HDMI cable and the connection can be made wirelessly. However, if you want to use Miracast, you need to make sure your device can use Miracast. It will help you if you want to use Miracast on your Windows 11 computer but don’t know how.

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